Mission part 3

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Sakura's P.O.V

We finally arrived to our given destination, the Amegakure. We walked into the village to see it almost vacant. There were a few villagers around.  It wasn't crowded like our village. It was raining heavily which made me wonder if the people in this village have locked themselves inside their homes. We silently observed the village around us as we made it passed the gates. Traveling had made me hungry and I was hoping to get something to eat right now.

"I'm hungry!" Naruto whined as his stomach growled.

"Me too Naruto, me too," I mumbled looking down to my stomach and groaned from the hunger.

"Dont worry kids. There is a dango shop around here. We can eat there," Kakashi Sensei suggested leading us the way in the pouring rain. Not to long, we found the dango shop that was open. Going inside the small shop, we sat down at out given table and ordered dangos with hot tea.

"Man, these dangos are delicious!" Naruto said biting on the dango,"I want more now."

"No Naruto this is already your tenth one!" I said with unbelievable eyes.

"Well im not gonna listen to you Sakura. You can't tell me what to do." Naruto said ordering more, "Its not my fault I have an apetite."

"So you want to talk back now huh."

"Wait sakura no I was just kidding ya know," Naruto waved his hands in front of him.

"Well naruto it's to late for that now" I said pulling my fist back, "Taste this!" My fist collided with his cheak with not too much force like the other times but enough to hurt him. He touched the side of his aching face silently grumbling under his breathe.

"Gosh you're so mean," and "That really hurt."

"Thatll teach you a lesson for next time when you decide to be careless."

"Sakura that really hurt, that's  abuse ya know I can tell someone to report you for putting your hands on me."

"Do it and you and whoever you tell will  catch these hands."

"Ok you guys stop all of this nonsense. Sakura stop hitting him and Naruto be quiet you have a loud mouth," Kakashi scolded his students.

"I do not. Sasuke am I a loud mouth?" Naruto asked not believing Kakashis words. He looked at Sasuke with a hopefull smile.


Naruto frowned, "EH is that all you can say! I thought that  dictionary that I gave you for your birthday would sure be helpful for you to learn to speak more words teme."

"So sasuke doesn't know how to talk?" asked a clueless sai.

"Well I guess not," Naruto asnwered.

"Tch, idiot."

"STOP INSULTING ME!" exclaimed Naruto.

"Can you guys quite arguing. You're going to get us all kicked out!" Kakshi rolled his eyes at the younger boys.

"Fine lets go, I'm already tired," Naruto pouted standing up from his seat. We all followed along throwing our trash away and payed for the food before heading out.

We arrived to the place we are staying to sleep at and went to our given rooms. I being the lucky one got a room to myself since I'm the only female. Kakashi and Sai shared a room together while Sasuke and Naruto also shared one.

"Kakashi sensei why does sakura get her own room," Naruto whine for the hundreth time.

"That's because I'm a girl who can't stand an idiot like you."

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