Chapter 22/Ready for Surgery?

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"You ready?" Shawn asked.

"I think so." I say nervously.

Today is the day of my surgery. I'll be honest. I'm so scared. I've never had a surgery before. And I'm especially scared cause it's in my private area. I just hope nothing goes wrong. I just hope for the best. Shawn's been on my side the whole time preparing for this. When I told him I was getting a surgery I sensed the anger from him. I always sense it when Shawn is angry or sad. I dont know how but I do. He tenses up. I don't blame. I felt some anger too. But was has happened, happened.

The past is the past. There's nothing we can do to change what happened now can we? So what's the point of crying and being depressed? That won't help. You need to keep your head up high and keep going. You need to move on. This thing that happened has made me stronger as a person. And it made our relationship so much stronger than it already was. I'm so glad I have Shawn by my side through all of this. If I didn't I'd be a puddle on the floor. He's told me all of this. The thing is, I believe him. I believe everything that he says. I trust him. And he trusts me. That's all I could ask for.

My nerves are kicking in. I'm so scared. Tbh I'm more scared for the needle that makes me go to sleep. I hate needles so much. But I hope everything goes well and the surgeon doesn't accidentally leave a needle or a small tool in me. Shawn thought I was crazy when I said that but it does happen to people!
We are currently on our way there. I'm in Shawn's car. Mom and Shawn met finally. My mom was fangirling of course. Not as much as me. But it went well. We had to do it quick since it was this morning. My mom trusted Shawn to take care of me after the surgery and bring me home. Everything is going well so far.
"It's gonna be fine Candy." Shawn says holding my hands, calming me down.
"Okay, I know it is. I need to stop thinking of the negatives." I say taking deep breaths.
"This is gonna help make you better. It's a good thing Candy." Shawn says.
"Okay. Your right. I can do this." I say.
"Good luck beautiful. Now go kick some ass!" Shawn says lightly kicking a foot in the air. I laugh. He kisses my cheek. He smilies at me one last time before the nurses pull me away on the hospital bed.

I lay there. Bright lights all around me. They haven't gave me the shot yet. The nurse comes next to me and smiles.

"Time to go to sleep Hun" she says. I give a weak smile

She wipes the spot on my arms with a little towelette. Then brings the needle out. I start getting scared again. Before I know it she puts it in my arms. It didn't hurt at all. It was a quick shot. I feel my arms and legs start to give up on me. And I start to get numb. My eyes get really heavy...and I'm off. I blackout.

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