"Sleep with Danny! See what I care!" he yelled.

"I can't believe you," I said, scrunching up my eyes. I looked at my phone. The lock screen was a picture of Tom, Rob, Danny, and Julian goofing off.

"So do you love him?"

"We need to get inside. I need to start warm ups with the team. We have a limited time before we leave for Charlotte," I said, ignoring his question and shaking my head. Tears were threatening to spill. I walked inside without another word. Rob followed. I immediately sought out the mass of football players, and I blew my whistle when I got to them.

"Line up. 100 jumping jacks," I said weakly.

"Alex, are you-"

"I'm fine," I said, cutting Tom off. We went through about half of the warm ups I had planned when they all became extremely sweaty, and I became extremely emotional.

"Go get a drink," I told them. "Don't come back if you don't want to. You know...maybe that'd be better for me, too. You guys do the rest of your warm ups," I whispered, and tears started to fall. I started off towards the locker room.

"Alex!" both Rob and Danny exclaimed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw them breaking away from the line.

"Get back in line Amendola, Gronkowski!" I yelled angrily, picking up my pace as I ran to the locker room frantically. I slammed the door behind me and went to the corner of the locker room. It used to be a coaches HQ until they had redone the practice center. There was a couch, and even a TV and mini-fridge. It was nice. The first time I found it, I was really confused. I had asked Bill if they had redone it here recently, and he said yes. Apparently, construction workers forgot to close this place off after they had completed the remodel. It wasn't used anymore, and it had become my unofficial office. I didn't reveal the spot to anyone, not even Rob. I sat on one of the couches, and put my head between my knees. A little while later, I heard:

"ALEX? Where are you? C'mon Alex!"

It was Julian. I shut off the lights.

"Yeah?" I sniffled quietly.

"Alex, are you ok?" Julian asked, his voice full of concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I yelled sarcastically.

"Alex, what's wrong?" Julian asked. I looked at the ground.

"Well I went out the other day and I came back to that fucking porn bitch all over Rob. He said she was just a friend and I got kinda pissed and told him that I was leaving. I went to Danny's and we fell asleep together and in his sleep he said he loved me. Then Rob asked if we were an item and I got all pissed and he asked if I loved Danny and I don't know. I got all angry because he doesn't understand what he did wrong. Now I don't know and I'm really confused. I love Danny as a brother but I don't know if I love him as something more. Then Rob I just love in general like that fluttery feeling every time you're with him and...I just don't know. I'm so confused and Rob's pissed at Danny because Danny's been there for me and Danny's pissed at Rob because he hurt me. I'm so confused, Jules," I whispered, burying my head in his practice jersey.

"It's ok, Alex," Julian said, wrapping me in a hug. I started crying into his jersey. "Here's some unbiased advice: Hang out with me instead."

I laughed shakily.

"You really are the best."

"Alex, look at me." I looked at Julian with his messy brown hair, expressive blue eyes, and crooked grin. "Keep your head up. You're beautiful and amazing. Don't let guys ruin you. You're perfectly fine without them."

"Thanks Julian," I said, smiling.

"You're welcome. Now c'mon, let's go back out with our heads held high."

I wiped the tears off my face and stood up. We exited the locker room together.

"Alright boys!" I yelled when I got onto the field. "Sorry 'bout that. Now, you're done. Dismissed. Go shower and crap so you're clean for the bus rice to Charlotte. BREAK!"

I blew my whistle. I watched as the men shuffled into the locker room.
I felt a hand on my shoulder, and whipped around to see Rob.

"Alex, please let me-"

I blew my whistle loudly.

"Go shower."

"But Alex, please-"

I blew my whistle again.

"Go shower."

"Alex listen to me!"


"Go shower."



"Go shower."

Finally, Rob accepted the inevitable and went to shower, leaving me feeling alone and confused.

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