Chapter 5

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Harry's eyes were wide and he looked completely wrecked his jeans wet, cheeks flushed, lips swollen, and messy hair.

He looked amazing, he leans in closely by my ear and starts whispering "I'm gonna stand on the toilet and you sit on it." he jumps onto the toilet seat but I stay standing.

He gives me a confused look and I fix myself quickly wiping off the sweat and fixing my jeans and hair before I walk out of the stalls closing it behind me. I hear it lock shortly after I walk down the hallway with the rest of the stalls to see Nick checking them but thankfully they were all empty;so no one heard us.

"Hey Louis have you seen Harry? Ed said he went to the bathroom." Nick speaks having to look down at me fuck him for being so tall.

"Actually I did and he said he felt sick so I took him to my car and I was about to take him home, but I needed to use the bathroom." Nick looks upset and I couldn't wait to leave with Harry.

"Oh you don't have to do that, I'll take him home." Nick tried protesting

"No it's fine you go have fun I was about to leave anyways, but he came up to me and told me he didn't feel too good."

"Oh wonder why he didn't come to me but thanks for taking care of him, I'll just call him and make sure he's feeling alright." he takes out his phone and my heart speeds up.

"Oh shoot it's dead , anyways thanks Louis see you around." he waved goodbye before heading off.

"Are you an actor?" Harry says from behind me making me jump a little from the sudden sound.

"Maybe , now hurry up." I tell him with a smirk on my face as I sneak him through the back door by the bar thankfully far away from where Nick is seated.


Once I had said my goodbye to Liam and Niall telling them I had to do some work and hoping they could get a cab home and they easily agreed, here I was laying down on the couch with Harry.

We were watching some show called glosters it's a good show, but when there's a pretty curly haired boy sitting next to you it's hard to pay attention to the show.

"Louis stop staring." Harry whines turning to look at me.

"You wish Styles." he frowns

"You're not funny." I burst out laughing because he's talking about being funny?

"Have you heard your jokes?" he pouts causing his bottom pink lip to poke out and he swats my arm.

"Hey! that's really mean my jokes are hilarious."

"Hilariously terrible." He looks really offended as he crosses his arms and pouts resembling a small child.

"I wanna go home." this dork is too cute.

"Okay I'll take you home then." I'll play along.

"Okay take me home then."

"Okay then put your shoes on." Harry looks at me with those green eyes that seem to contain a glint of mischief.

"You'll have to find me first!" He says before running off upstairs almost tripping causing me to laugh his pigeon toed feet won't help at all in his little game of hide and seek.

"I know my house better than my childhood house and I lived there for 18 years I'll find you in a instant!" I run after him stopping at the first door which is the bathroom.

I check the tub and cabinet doors nothing maybe this will be hard. I walk slowly to the door of my bedroom pressing my ear to the door to hear a small giggle. I walk slowly into the room opening the door quietly.

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