5: quiet

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Jazmin's POV
I heard something as I was listening to my music, but I just ignored it.

"JAZMIN!" Chris yelled.

I took off one of my earphones.


"Damn Jazmin I can hear your music from here." Erick said as "on purpose" was playing. (Sabrina carpenter fans wya??)

"We're here." Said Chris.

"Oh okay."

We all got out the car and walked into a diner. We took a seat, Erick and Christopher on one side, and I was across from them.

Finally the waitress came. I saw her eyeing Erick and flirting with him and he was playing along. Maybe Erick wasn't the guy I thought he was...

We ordered our stuff and started eating.

"Jazmin why are you quiet?" I heard Erick say.

"Huh?" I said confused.

"Why are you so quiet? And you're barely eating."

"O-Oh I don't know... I-I'm not that hungry."


Sometime passed.

"Chris can I take this to go?"

"Yeah sure. I'll ask for a to-go box"

"Thanks..." I said quietly.

He asked for the to-go box and we went back to the car. I put in my earphones again and I continued listening Sabrina Carpenter...

Erick's POV
"We're here." I announced as I was turning around to Jazmin. 

She was asleep.

"What should we do?" I asked Chris.

He turned around to see Jazmin sleeping.

"I don't know, carry her?"

"I'll do it." I said voluntarily.

"Okay" he smirked.

I got out the car and went to the other side where Jazmin was sitting. I grabbed her phone from her lap and took her earphones off. I handed them to Chris. I carefully took her out the car and carried her bridal style.

"Where do I leave her?" I asked.

"In her room, I'm going to mine because I'm tired too."

And he walked upstairs to his room.

I walked slowly and carefully up the stairs. Her room was slightly opened so I kicked it a little to open it some more. I laid her down on her bed. I took off her shoes. I looked around for a blanket and finally found one. I put it on top of her.

"Sweet dreams mi princessa" I whispered as I kissed her forehead.

And I went to sleep with Chris... 

Jazmin's POV


I woke up on my bed with my clothes on. All I remember is listening to music in Erick's car. Did I fall asleep?

I walked to Chris room. I knocked on the door. I heard Chris say "Come in" so I opened the door.

They were laying down on his bed watching tv.

"What happened last night?" I asked while yawning.

"You fell asleep in Ericks car." Chris laughed.

I got a shoe from the floor and threw it at him. He stopped laughing.

"I did?"

"Yeah" Erick said.

"Shit." I mumbled putting a hand on my fore head.


"Cause you guys saw me sleeping! And, and I look disgusting sleeping!"

"Yeah you do." Chris laughed.

I threw the other shoe at him.

"Hey that's my shoe!" Erick said.

"Did I ask?" I said annoyed.

N-No" he said scared.

"Exactly" I said leaving the room.

I honestly don't want to do anything but I'm gonna have to go some where later.

Erick's POV
"She's scary" I told Chris.

"I know right I still don't see why you like her."

"Cause she's beautiful" I blurted out.

"Mhhm. Might as well tell me I'm beautiful too we're practically" identical"

"Nah dude I'm cool."

"Hey wanna go swimming."

"I'm down" I told him.

"I'll go tell Jazmin" he said leaving the room.

Christopher's POV
I went to Jazmins room. She was reading. I'm not so surprised she loves to read.



"We're going swimming."

"Ughh do I have to go?"

"Yes remember the deal"

"Yes I remember that dumb ass deal, let me get ready."

"Okay... y-you can take your time today" I tried to smile

"Thanks" She smiled back doing a better job.

Jazmin's POV
I got ready. I put a two piece in my beach bag since that's the only bikini I have. I wore a throw on dress/shirt I made couple months ago since I'm going to change at the pool.

 I wore a throw on dress/shirt I made couple months ago since I'm going to change at the pool

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I went downstairs to look for them to see if they were ready. I remember Chris saying I could take my time today. What a sweetheart.

"I'm ready guys" I smiled.

"Hey I haven't seen that shirt in ages" Chris said.

"Well I found it so I put it on."
"Do you have your swimsuit and things ready?" Chris asked.

"Umm..." I looked in my bag checking everything "yeah"

"Okay let's go."

We got in Ericks car and I was on my phone.

We finally arrived at the pool...


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