Mate of the Siren

Chapter 1

Orana's POV

My parents have told me since I was born that I wasnt born with normal circumstances.

Instead of being born in a hospital I was born by the sea.


My mother had felt an urgency to go to the sea, little did she know that I was ready to be born.

"The sea had called to me", she had said with a little smile towards me while tucking me into bed for the night. "and I couldn't refuse to go. Your father didn't like the idea but he took me to it anyway."

They had been looking out towards the sea when her water broke and and gone into labor.

In the next few minutes I was born and my parents held me close not noticing the sound of flapping finns coming from the sea.

She said that when I first opened my eyes it was the sea I saw first before looking at her and my father.

But they couldn't hold my attention long, the sea had pulled at my eyes.

And in that same instant three woman had appeared from it and began to swim towards us.

Before they got to shore they had told my mother that her child belonged to the sea.

That nothing and no one would ever be able to keep me from returning to the sea in fifteen years time.

Then they had disappeared from sight leaving my parents shocked and scared for my well-being.

My father had quickly helped my mother into the car with me in her arms and drove us to our house.

"We had a doctor come to make sure you were healthy and called Aunt Emily and Kim to come over with their families. Soon enough your room was full of love and worry just for you." she smiled at the memory and tapped her finger on my nose. "Kimble, Nassir, and Nadira were hooked on you the second they saw your eyes. Your beautifully hypnotic sea green eyes."

I had giggled at the mention of my eyes.

She never stopped smiling at me after ending the story of my birth and how I met my Aunts, Uncles, and friends.

She kissed my forehead and left the room keeping my moon nightlight on.

-end of flashback-

I was six in that dream and loved the story about how I was born.

Now I just smile and shacke my head at the very mention of it.

I'm fifteen today and dressed up in my best blue strapless dress.

I have dark brunette hair and stand to the height of '5,4'.

My skin sun kissed to perfection and my lips a slight pale pink.

My parents are happy and acting like nothings going to happen but to tell the truth I know their wrong.

I have felt the pull of the sea little by little each hour and it's hard to not think of it.

It was four hours from the end of the day and people were already leaving from my birthday party.

Most everyone was gone by the next two hours except for Kimble, Nassir, and Nadira and of course their parents.

But the thing is I couldn't even concentrate on the conversation Nadira and i were supposed to be having.

Time was moving so fast and it was getting really to hard for me to resist the urge to run out the back door and burst into my wolf form.

I had my first shift this morning so the more you shift the easier it got.

"Orana are you okay? You seem distracted." Nadira asks me with concern plastered on her face.

I shake my head of the image of the sea and smile at her apologetically before rushing out the door just as the clock strickes midnight.

When the full moon is high.

Once outside I shift into my wolf.

She is grey with streaks of white and baby blue eyes.

I look back at my friends and family as they watch me run off into the night towards the sea a mile away.

I hear the lock tick away in my ears though I know it's not near enough for me to hear.

Before the clock strokes for the tenth time i race to the shore and shift into my human form.

Racing paws come up behind me and stop beside me in the sand of the shore.

Not caring that I was naked I just stared into the sea before looking down to the wolf though I didn't have to look down very much since he came up to my shoulder.

Nassir is looking up at me with worry.

But before I can respond a woman appears in the sea looking straight at me.

She smiles and raises her arm towards me.

Her fingers curl in until only one is pointing to me and curling in and and out.

My feet move on their own accord as I stare out into the sea.

Towards the mysterious woman.

Nassir steps in front of me making me stop and bump into him.

But the woman just gets closer and calls out to me, "Orana."

One word.

One name.

And I can't help but jump over Nassir and run the rest of the way into the sea before diving under the water.

The woman comes beside me and smiles.

That is the last thing I see before a searing fire burns through out my body making me black out.

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