Party Part Two

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AN: Sorry I've been away little ones! I've gotten a bit better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and love I've seen. So, your reward? Here it is.

Maurine's POV:

I sit next to Dylan, him in his car seat. I quietly tap away on my computer, trying to get some work done. I hear him squirm, although he is being rather quiet. I look up and over to my little one, a smirk grows across my face as I see Dylan trying to reach for his paci that fell on the floor. His tongue pushed past his lips as he struggles, making me giggle a bit. "Baby, you need a clean one. That one is uckie" I say reaching into the diaper bad. He looks up at me, crunching his nose "Yeah! Das uckie!" He repeats to me, his cheeky smile peering over at me. I find the new paci, and attach it to a clip. I clip it onto his shirt and push the paci into his mouth. "There, is that better little one?" I ask, kissing his rosy red cheek. He nods in reply, I can see him sinking into little space even more. We have about an hours drive to where we are going. I ponder for a moment before grabbing him out of his car seat. I scoop him into my arms, and pull up my shirt. His favorite thing in the world it seems. He looks up at me excitedly as I remove the pacifier from his lips, and off him my nipple. As he latched on, I pull his blanket over us as I rub his back. I look down at him as he suckles away, I can't help but to smile down at him. He always looks so peaceful in my arms. I coo him as we both fall asleep.

Dylan's POV:

I felt mommy move, she was trying not to wake me. I open my eyes slowly, I was still in her lap. "Baby, time to wake up now" I hear her coo. I let out a small whimper as I look up to her. Mommy looks down at me and kisses my forehead. I can't help but blush from it "Hi mommy" I say in a squeaky tired voice. She giggles at me as she picks me up "We are just about there, love. Let's get you changed hm?" She asks. Patting my back as she lays be down on the back seat. She pushes a paci into my mouth to distract me as she starts to strip me out of my clothing. She takes off my boxers and slips a diaper underneath me. I blush as I look down at her quietly, she seems to enjoy this. She has so much care in her eyes, so gentle when she touches me. She fastened the diaper around me and pulled a pale blue shirt over my head and pulled my arms they the holes. She pulls my legs thru the jumper and places the straps over my shoulders and buckles them in the front. She giggles to herself as she places my converse on and ties them. "God you look so cute" she says as she looks me up and down. I blush and giggle "Fank yous mama!" I say thru my paci. I sit up and crawl into her arms, her warmth is truly amazing. She packs up my toys as we pull up to a hotel.

Jackson opens the car door and mommy pulls me out and puts me in her hip "Thank you Jackson, the luggage needs to go to Penthouse room A" she says handing a card to him. He nods in response with a smile, giving me a wink. I giggle at him as he heads inside de with our things.

"You're going to be good right little one?" She asks, patting my back as we walk inside.

"Yes mama! Ims be good!" I reply, god I'm really starting to sink to new..lows? In little space. Usually I'm around five, but now am I three? I think to myself. Either way, I love this new feeling.

"Dylan, answer me please" she says. I shake out of my thoughts "Yes mama?" I ask.

"I said, we are going to go to a party. It's like a kink party. So you have to be with me at all times" she says looking down at me.

"O-okay mommy" I mutter, my face growing red as we enter thru two black matte doors. It's kinda dark, my eyes slowly get used to it. The sounds hit me like a brick wall, the doors must have been sound proof. The sounds of music, laughter, oo's and awh's, moans, and...smacks? I question the last one, before confirming it as I glance to my right. YEP! Someone is getting spankies. I bury my face into mommys neck. She must feel my nervousness as she kisses my head and rubs my back softly. "It's already got little bug, this is gunna be fun" she whispers to me. The crowd parts as we move they it. Why is everyone staring? It's just like the convention where I met mommy. Everyone looks to her in awe, and looks to me in jealousy. I bite my paci in nervousness as I look around the room. Mommy talks to a few people before heading to a section that is blocked off my black rope. We sit on a leather couch with a large table "Are you hungry?" Mommy asks, and I nod. I sit close to her as she picks up the menu. She scans thru it and I sit there quietly. I'm still a bit tired, I look up to her as I rub my eyes.

"Sleepy mommy" I say in a near whisper.
"Aren't you hungry baby? We can take a nap soon, okay?" I nod in agreement as I give a warm smile up to her.  She kisses my head as she flags down a waiter and takes our order.

"I'll take the number 12, bull whip please. Medium rare, the side will be the loaded potato. Baby boy will take the 'Little monster' with Mac and cheese on the side. I'll take wine, surprise me. Dry please. Little one will take chocolate milk" she says, the waiter shyly nods and walks away.

More to come in a few hours. Xoxoxoxoxo

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