Chapter 26

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The day was going so fast and I was being treated like a princess by everyone in this place... Including Andy. I feel like everything and everyone is just too nice around here to be completely honest.

All of a sudden this sharp piercing pain scurried through my leg. I scooped my head down to where the pain was and I saw a bright blue arrow with a greenish liquid in the middle of it slowly released itself into my skin and my blood system. I knew everything here was too good to be true.

I looked around and everyone's faced were melting as they saw that they had an arrow burrowing through them. I heard screams of "What the hell is happening?" and "Help!", but I stayed silent. I couldn't physically talk. It was like my mind was forcing my mouth shut. Something was happening. Something very strange.

Multiple hours later...

My eyes began to open as I saw humans rush around me. "What the heck is happening?" I asked beginning for some sort of explanation.

I lifted my head up to see if my body was okay and I was seriously shocked. I was a human. I was covered in skin. Just skin. I had the body of a human. Hands, feet... boobs? I looked around the room to see that all of the human doctors were rushing around what seemed to be half wolves and half humans whilst they slowly transformed into a human.

There was all sorts of noise coming from all directions and I began to panic. "HEY!" I screamed. Everyone went quiet and looked at me. "Someone tell me what the actual fuck is happening or I'll do something you don't want me to do..." I screamed.

Everyone carried on doing their thing and a handsome man in a suit walked over to me with a huge smile on his face.

"Alaska... is it?" He asked. I nodded my head as a reply and he told me that he was glad to see me awake.

He proceeded to touch my hand and tell me that I am perfectly fine, there was just some things that they had to do. I'm not going to lie. This guy was so hot... but he was starting to piss me off. "Look 'Doctor' tell me what the hell you have done to me and why do I have boobs or there is going to be some serious trouble round here... you get me?" I whispered with an angry tone in my voice.

He replied with; "Look, the government has figured out that something within the wolf DNA could be the key to switching between human and wolf whenever you want, and the only way they can do it is by doing this to you all. Don't worry you will be able to turn back to a wolf soon."

I went to reply... but my eyes closed without my control and I fell asleep.

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