Chapter 4

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*Lily Pov*

"What should a person not have?" I heard Victor's cold tone making me come out of my happy thoughts regarding the end that will come with this mission.

"Over confidence, Victor." I replied with a stiff back.

"Now, it is still not too late to go through my plan and it will finish within a little time. I can send another set of men right now for any help." He stressed making me roll my eyes.

"What should a person not have is over-confidence, Victor. You think he will not be able to fight because he stayed away all these years? I spent a few hours with him and let me tell you that you are wrong." I said keeping an eye on the boat.

"And this is my mission and it will happen like my wish." I added when I heard him taking a breath to say another word.

"Fine! But tell me why is some guy calling me from yesterday apologizing, saying that he didn't mean to do it to you?" Victor asked and I suddenly laughed understanding what is going on.

"Leave it, Victor." I replied, shaking my head.

"Tell me!" he demanded and I sighed.

"I just want to make Andrew believe my story more so I know I should have some injury. So, I asked one of the guys to hit my face, which he did reluctantly but with more force. And now my face is covered with a big bruise. See, such a simple matter." I said, shrugging to myself.

"Simple matter? Who is that guy?" Victor barked.

"Victor! This is my mission and my face. I don't want you to involve unless I ask you to." I literally commanded and heard a few gasps.

"Fine!" he finally replied after a few seconds.

"But I thought I heard you call me as Dad then why am I back to Victor?" He asked changing the topic.

"I was just being sarcastic and so used that word." I replied fisting my hand.

"So, I will have a daughter when she wishes to be sarcastic then." He said with a humorless laugh making me fist more wishing to hit someone.

"If only Olivia is here..." he started and I immediately took a step back.

"She is not here! She is dead and that too eight years back. This mission is because of that only and don't you dare bring her name again. I will do everything that needs to be done." I said each word with as much stress as I can by controlling my anger and hung up before pushing the phone back into my sandal.

"Whoa! Such anger, Lily." I heard a voice making me roll my eyes.

"Shut up, Kevin! And tell Dan to stop calling my Dad. I was joking when I said he will pay for the wound." I said, moving back away from the shore.

"And here poor Dan is shitting his pants." He said chuckling.

"What did I tell you about staying a little far away from here? Do you think he will not find out you and the others?" I asked, still feeling the anger that started hearing Victor's words.

"Come on, Lily! Don't take out the anger on us. By the way shall we give permission to let you cry?" he asked and I couldn't help but chuckle hearing those words.

"God! My eyes were so tired with all the crying. I should have packed glycerin like you suggested." I replied and he laughed.

"I know! I was and am and will always be right." He replied and I can so imagine him winking.

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