part 62 💋

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You woke up from a 2 hour sleep. Your baby kept you up most of the night. You rolled over onto the floor, kneeled yourself up to look through the Crib bars to see your little girl. She looked like she doubled in size to be honest. You stood up and looked at her from all different angles of the crib. "huh.." You figured you were just too tired to tell the difference. You just shrugged it off and left the room to find no one awake yet. And even though you had such little sleep you were very awake. You walked into the kitchen really hardcore craving something sweet. You picked up a slice of pie just sitting there. you honestly didn't think before you took it. You walked up to Raphael whom was sitting on the couch watching a show with his feet propped up on the coffee table. He bent down to kiss him; he could see your shadow on his stomach so he bent his head back for you to kiss his lips. He licked his lips as he tasted Chocolate "where did you get that pie?" he asked you. you put a spoonful of chocolate Creme pie in your mouth as you closed your eyes and shrugged at him. "hey! who took my Slice of pie!" shouted through the lair. Your eyes shot open. "you know how Donnie gets over his pies." Raph told you. "yea.." you spoke with pie and a spoon still in your mouth. You walked away then came back to raph. he was back to watching tv. "please dont tell donnie i have his pie." "Sure thing." "thanks babe." you walked away in the other room then bumped into Leo. Donnie was walking passed Raphael "y/n has your pie." He told don as he broke a pretzel with his teeth. "Y/N!" Donnie yelled for you. You turned your head from Leo "uh oh.." "Did you take donnie's pie?" Leo teased asking. "Yea but i didn't know it was his." You complained. "Well here he comes now, and not to happy." You ran to the back of the house. "Y/N!" he hollered as he fast walked after you. You backed up against the wall then you saw in the corner of your eyes a staircase. "stairs?" Donnie entered the room to find you no where. "y/n?" "you'll never find me." your voice echoed through the room. Then he saw stairs "oh no.. Y/n!" he ran up the stairs. He saw you sitting standing right next to a concrete wall with lots of cracks in it. "y/n..Get away from there..This area is forbidden." "Why? Its so nice." you said as you put a spoonful of pie in your mouth as you leaned against the concrete wall. The wall made a weird sound of crackles and dust. Raphael walked over to Leo. "Have you seen y/n?" "I did but I'm not sure where she went." he answered as he polished his swords. He heard you screaming. Leo and raph shot their heads up, raph looked to the back of the house to see a figure falling from what seemed the Ceiling. "Y/NN!!" he yelled as he ran over to your falling body. He grabbed your with his hands before you reached the ground. "What are you doing!" he yelled at you concerned. "I-I just went up those stairs." "stairs?" He looked over and all around. Then you pointed out to your right. "Oh yea those stairs.. (he looked at you) yea don't go up those. There off limits." "other than me just falling; why?" "Its dangerous. And we're too heavy for being up there." "oh.." He put you down. "Just please don't do that again." "I promise."

You walked up the stairs once again and made sure not to touch any walls. You saw 3 more rooms up here without doors; just arches into the rooms. "woah.." you walked steadily into the first room. It was empty, had nothing in it. No lightening, no furniture. Just a cold dark room. you walked out of that one and walked over to the arch of the next one to see the same thing. Then to the next one to see the same thing again. You then felt the floor shake a little. It seemed really unstable once again. "Y/n" raphael said you name very angry with you. You turned around to see the turtle trying to come over to you carefully. but each step he took he made the platform want to collapse. "What are you doing up here! I told you not to come up here!" "no you told me not to do that again. I made sure not to touch any walls." "COME HERE!" he demanded harshly. You looked down then to your side. You weren't moving. "Y/N!" "whhaatttt.." you asked complaining as you slouched over. "COME HERE y/n!" your legs started shaking, and not from your body doing that. They were being moved by the floors. You looked down then back up at Raphael. you then started to walk forwards extremely cautious. Then your next forward step with your left foot; Your foot fell into the floors; not through it, But into it. "AHHA!" you screamed in pain as it was crushing your foot and ankle. "y/n! stay..right..there." He instructed you as he gestured his hands forwards slowly. He then looked down at his belt and unhooked his Sai. He twirled it upwards in his one hand and then was getting ready to lightly throw it to you. "Catch." he then threw it as your hands were in the air ready. YOu missed it. Your coordination. Never was great. He rolled his eyes "Ok this time make sure you get it." you nodded as the pain from the floors eating at your ankle was getting worse. Your teeth clinched as you were ready. He took out his other sai and slid it across the broken floor. You grasped it tightly and then lifted it up. "now what?" you yelled as the crumbling and moving of the floors were louder than your voice. "Now use the Tip of the sai to try and move the flooring off your foot. "What if i break it?" "You won't." you looked down at the floors and then stabbed the sai in the ground and then used all your might as you bended the Sai on its side as the floors were barely budging. You then used it in the opposite direction bending it as the one rock budged off your foot; you saw the rocks were collapsing in on you so you quickly pulled out your foot and cracked your foot in a circular motion. You then cautiously fast walked over to raphael but then you went back to get his other sai. "Leave it." he told you. You stopped and went back over to raphael. he lifted you up and ran down the stairs. The floors above stopped crumbling. He sighed in relief "what were you doing back up there? you could've killed yourself." "I just wanted to see what was up there. I remember something was up there. And I just wanted to see what it was." "Well now you have and You aren't allowed back up there." He walked away leaving you with that "you know it wasn't me who caused the caving in.." you mumbled. He turned half his body around. "What was that?" "Nothing..." "no you said something. what did you say." "no.." "yes." "it wasn't me who caused the caving in.." you looked to your left then to Raphael. he walked up to you "I see. (He bends down with his hands on his knees) Well next time your up there, I won't save your ass." he stood up and walked away. You felt your heart being squeezed. "FINE!" you yelled as you walked into his room; as he went into the kitchen area. Raphael mumbling to himself as he grabbed a bottle of water and sat down at the island as he was still mumbling as he took off the bottle cap and drank his water vigorously. Leo was across the table watching Raphael. "whatcchaha doooo." Leo asked annoying Raphael. "Nothing, Y/N is just being a pain in the ass." 'Or maybe your in one of your moods.' Leo thought. Leo saw you leaving their home dressed in Denim Jeans and a black polo. The one you've been wearing to cover up your wound. "Where'r you going y/n?" Leo asked. Raph turned his head and body towards you as his arm was leaning against the table. "Yea where you goin?" Raph asked on purpose to annoy you. "places." you said not stopping as you were on your way. "ooohhhh someoooonneesss innnn ttrrrrouuubbllee." Leo totured raphael. Raphael stood up as he glared at Leo and left the area for his own room. he slammed the door shut forgetting the baby was there. He woke up the baby as it started crying. "uugghhh..." he walked over to the baby and lifted it up out of the crib and held it over his shoulder. "shhh shhh" he tried to calm her down. Then he found a nookie and stuck it in her mouth. She stopped crying as she was now breathing heavy to calm herself down. He breathed out to calm himself down as well. he then sat down on his bed bouncing the little girl on his lap. She was smiling and making bubbles with her tongue.

Two hours later~~

You walked into raphael's room to see Raphael sleeping on is side Diagonally. You smiled as you saw the baby sleeping in her own space on the bed as she was sucking her thumb. You smiled as you closed the door quietly. Raphael wasn't wearing his mask at the moment so you could see his one eyebrow twitched. You took off your shoes and climbed softly into the bed and laid your head against raphael's chest as your butt was against his upper pelvis area. He opened his one eye to see you cuddling up against him. He Put his arm around you and gently squeezed you against himself. "Love you, y/n.." you heard gruffly but softly. you smiled big as you said "I love you too" He kissed the top of your head and then relaxed his head back down. "I'm sorry about earlier." you apologized. "Me too." "Are you still mad?" He opened his one eye down at you as you looked up at him. He closed it and rearranged his head "maybe." he teased. you smiled as you lightly tapped his jaw as a sort of a Fake slap. He smiled and held you tighter in his grasp. You closed your eyes and took a nap together until of course the baby cried. You woke up and leaned forward up off the bed as raphael did the same. You picked up the baby off the bed. "here let me, Its my turn anyways." raphael offered. you smiled and place the baby in his hands. You sat back down and plopped onto the bed to only let your hand touch something cold and wet. Your lip curled as you lifted yourself up to see your hand covered in something brown. Your mouth opened as you looked down to see the bed was smeared in poo. "ew ew ew ew ewewwwww grroossssss.." you stood up and took the blanket and folded it. Placed it in a garbage bag. You went into the bathroom and washed your hands. You walked up to raphael "Hey i'm go to the laundry mat." "why?" "theres poop all over your blanket, So i'mma go wash it." "ewwwww..alright then." "I'll be back." you lifted the bag over your shoulder and left the home for the city.


"honey i'm hooommee." you hollared. He felt a hand on your shoulder as he rubbed down to your elbow. You looked over to your right to see Raphael. "hey ^>^' you smiled. he kissed your lips "hey. How'd it go." "well to be honest your blanket kinda fell apart in the wash. I even left the place before anyone noticed the wash was nothing but fluff XD so i went to a convient store and bought you this." "You bought me a new blanket?" He took it from your hands that were advertising the blanket zipped up in a clear bag. "How much did you pay?" "eh $40 but i figured it was high time you got a new blanket anyways. (you looked over your shoulder) And THATS WHEN I BOUGHT ALL THE TURTLES THEIR OWN BLANKET!" raphael giggled as he unzipped it to feel the fabric. "wow really??" Mikey asked as he stood in front of you. "Sure did! I'm being kinda corny about this but i made them Color coordinated. Sooo This is yours." you handed him the orange blanket with brown side. "DUDE! THANKS!" he took it super happy. You smiled. "And for you Leo-nerd-o I got you a Blue blanket." "heh thanks! The blanket had a Green Side as well as a blue side. "And for my boi Donnie, A Deep purple. And it has a black side too." you explained. "woah, thanks! Wow, I'm gonna go put it on my bed now." you smiled and laughed as you felt REALLY happy. It was like Christmas. "wheres splinter?" he's in his study. you walked over to it "but i wouldn't go in." "I'm sure i'll be ok." you walked over to it and knocked. no one answered so you opened it "hello?" You looked around then saw in the center of the room a rat balancing his head on a stick upside down. He was wearing no robe with a pair of tight black pants and bandages wrapping around his belly. almost like a belt for his pants. "Um I just wanted to give you something. I'll just leave it here." "Please stay." you heard. you looked up to the rat with his eyes closed. He then opened them slowly. You saw his black eyes stare at you.It was kinda creepy. He Then leaned to his side as he then caught himself on the floor and his tail grabbed his stick. His hand reached behind him and grabbed his stick with his hand. "What do you have there." You lifted the clear back from behind yourself "I got you this.." It was a queen sized bedding set. maroon with gold n' black accents. he gently took it from you. "That is very kind of you." he nodded his head in pleasure. you smiled "I'm just gonna go, I'm sure you have much meditation ahead." you told him. A mousey smile rose to his lips as his beard rose a bit. he excused you. You entered the room of the turtles standing around talking.

To be continued..

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