Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"Hey Nora I heard all about how Asher asked you to homecoming last Friday," Lizzie says, grinning slyly.

It's a dreary Monday morning and my friends and I decided to eat lunch by the stairwell today instead of outside at the picnic tables.

"Yeah," I reply, "it was really great," I say with fake enthusiasm.

Lizzie puts her hand on my shoulder. "Have you seen him at all today, though?" she asks, "I think he's sick or something."

"Huh, maybe I'll text him and ask if he's ok," I answer softly.

Truthfully, I don't want to know where Asher is right now or if he's sick or not. I don't really care at all.

I then see Julia walking towards us with her lunch tray. As she comes closer to where we're sitting, I notice that she's wearing a lot more makeup than she usually wears. Her mascara covered brown eyes beam at us.

"Hey, Lizzie, Nora, where's everybody else?" she asks expectantly.

"You mean the boys?" Lizzie asks, popping a Lays potato chip in her mouth.

"Yeah," Julia says.

Lizzie shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe they ditched us today to go off campus for lunch," she says.

Julia nods and sits down next to me with a look of disappointment on her perfectly made up face.

"Um, Jules, not to be rude, but why did you put on so much makeup today?" I ask curiously.

"Yeah, no offense girl but you look like one of those clowns that I saw at the circus and was deathly afraid of when I was little," Lizzie says.

I cover my mouth and try to keep myself from laughing at the comment she just made.

Julia turns to Lizzie and glares at her and then let's out a sigh.

"Hey, I think I know what's going on here," Lizzie says, getting that familiar look on her face that she always gets when we talk about boys.

"Are you trying to impress someone," she says, leaning in intently.

Julia's face turns red. "No---ok fine yes! I mean, I don't know!" she groans, ducking her face down.

"C'mon Jules, talk to us," Lizzie says, putting her hand on Julia's leg.

There's a pregnant pause and then Julia takes a deep breath and says, "I just really want Daniel to ask me to the dance."

As she says this my stomach twists and my eyes widen. No. That's all I can think of. There's no fucking way.

"Oh my god!" Lizzie cries, "Julia has a crush!"

"Stop!" Julia says but then she smiles.

I feel like I'm about to throw up the peanut butter sandwich I just ate.

"I was hoping that Daniel would be here at lunch so we could talk," she continues.

"Do you have his number?" Lizzie asks, twisting a strand of her blonde hair.

"No, not yet," she says shaking her head. "I just really want him to ask me because we both have been talking for a while now and I really like him. I just hope he likes me back."

I almost roll my eyes but then stop myself. "Look, Julia, you haven't really known him for that long. I mean it's only been a few weeks," I say practically.

"A few weeks is enough for me," Julia protests, "besides, he's so hot," she murmurs, "don't you guys agree?"

Lizzie nods fervently. "I totally agree, you guys are great together! If I see him around at all today I'll drop some hints about you wanting to go with him," Lizzie offers.

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