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after this point is part two

there's a time skip, ok? don't be confused later, and if you are just ask me questions

So yes, Lila and Jako are all grown up, well is 23 all grown up? sort of ?

and Kadri is...well that's a secret

any guesses though? about any of the characters?

yeah, I think splitting the book into two parts is better than writing a Sequal it just means that the book will be a lot longer because of it, but maybe better too.

ok, onwards to part two!!!!! 

prepare yourselvesssssss

p.s I hope you didn't cry or anything during that last chapter. Probably not but if not you're probably just mad at senpai's storyline now XD lol love you though <33 

p.s.s I made that video ( shhhhh don't tell )

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