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"Well I gotta go than"

"Oh OK bye"

Soon naruto ended the call erased sakura phone number looked at sasuke who didn't like what what he heard either.

"How did she get my phone number" sasuke says taking his phone and deleting everything except for his brothers phone numbers, his friends (gaara,shino, neji) and kakashi "I don't know sasuke but her lieing about you being her boyfriend is crossing the line" naruto pouted making the uchiha chuckle lightly and ruffle naruto's blond hair as the two started to have a moment together, the atmosphere was quiet nice well used to be as there was a knock at the door.

But it scared naruto so much he turned small again and hide under the bed.

Sasuke hide his ears and tail again than walked to the door of the apartment and opened it only to be hugged rightly "oh my god sasuke-kun" a high pitch voice says as sasuke groaned unhappy by Sakura's presents even naruto he didn't like the way Sakura was calling sasuke hers or how she'd act like they've been together for most of there entire life so hiding his nine tails under his now oversized shirt and his ears he ran over to sasuke and squeaked.

Sakura looked down at naruto and a smile came across her face "hey there little guy your as cute as ever" she says picked him up reminding naruto of some bad memories as he wanted to be free from her grip and sasuke rook naruto away and held him close as Sakura pouted "sasuke if we're together we have to share him" Sakura says.

Naruto growled as he didn't like this at all he was being ferrous about how Sakura kept insisting on how much sasuke was hers when the truth was sasuke belong to no one.........OK maybe him but anyway.

"Sakura stop being stupid I'm not yours OK I'm a free spirit" sasuke says still hugging naruto who purred quietly "by the way how did you even find me" sasuke asks as he looked at sakura who staid quiet not wanting him to know as she held her phone closer sasuke glared at her left the hotel room as he smirked and ran for it.

As for Sakura she sighed looked down at her chest were she had her.........used to have her phone but it was replaced with a pack of crackers how in the world did that even happen.

Sasuke hid as he looked down at Naruto who took out Sakura's phone "good job naru now let's get into her phone first" sasuke says as Naruto nodded and found a pass word.

"Now w.....wait dobe what are you don't just......" sasuke was cut off when naruto got the password right he wasn't very please "sasuke-kun was the password  how did I not know that when it's so obvious" sasuke whispered/yelled at as naruto nodded soon they looked threw sakura phone deleted sasuke number and contacts deleted her phones history and made sure that her friends numbers were still there even her father's and some random persons number that said 'love' so they didn't bother to delete it cause it might of been a virus on it than deleted the tracker sasuke even got ride of his friends phone numbers on sakura phone.

Than they were done and refund sakura looking for her phone so sasuke ran really fast as naruto quickly put her phone in her bag while sasuke kept running as they were gone.

Sasuke looked threw his phone as he did in fact find the tracker got ride of it and went on with his day. Soon he went home know he was safe though he kept his guard up making it home sasuke lightly put naruto down earning a wine from the now small fox who turned back into his normal size "question naruto" sasuke began as he tried not to let, his eyes wonder as he smirked slight gaining the foxes attantion "ya what is it sasuke" naruto replied "were are your pants" sasuke asks as the blond looked down and blushed like a mad man "i-i-i don'" he says before running into the house at top speed as the uchiha chuckled and walked into the house.

The next day

Sasuke was getting ready for school since he missed so much naruto had fully teached him how to infact his animal parts.

But kyuubi tough him a better way ya I'll use up his chakara once he get home if he can survive that long but he'll be training himself anyway so why not.

Sasukie seemed like he new how to hide them just well show off once they left home and headed to school they noticed how gray the sky's looked  so sasuke and sasukie brought umbrellas to school with them once at school sasuke was nearly almost tackled down to the ground as he smiled happily as clung to him "oh sasuke-kun you back I'm so happily I missed you" she says happily and laid her head on sasuke shoulder making naruto mad, but since she barely noticed sasuke looked like he was about to die even if she  wasn't chocking him he didn't like it as he pushed her off and kept walking and sasuke saw how sakura looked at her phone as she frowned.

Naruto knew exactly what sakura plan was  but what she didn't know was that sasuke didn't have his phone with or on him right at the moment he left it at home on the desk top or on one of his drawers.

Soon as the day began all naruto wanted to do was snap her neck cause she kept clinging on to his sasuke a lot even down the hall and sasuke was getting tired of this two it was ticking him and half of the school thought sakura and sasuke were dating which wasn't true.


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