Shot me out of the sky...You're my kryptonite... :)

It's one of my fav verses :) Anyone guess which song it's a part of? No...? Well :P And, is that how to spell kryptonite?

Reece's P.O.V:

'Hey, Lana, are you ready?' Sam asks her as she knocks on her door. There's a thud and then a muffled 'Yes. Just coming'.

We back away from the door and go back to the kitchen.

'What have you done with your hair, Reece?' Harry asks me as I sit down on the sofa.

'I've straightened it. Does it look alright?' I ask him. He nods and then says:

'It looks great' he smiles. I smile back.

'Right. Where are we going?' Lana asks us as she comes into the living room. I shrug.

'Erm, how about we go for breakfast first and then Lana can show us the way. Yeah?' Hannah says.

'Yeah, that sounds good' Sam smiles. This is the first shopping trip I'm going on with the girls.

We all stand up and Louis says to me:

'You look nice Reece'. I look at him funnily. I'm just wearing black skinny jeans, black Converse, a hoodie and a jumper under that. It's nothing special.

'Oh, thanks. It's the hair' I say, grinning at him.

'Yeah, you've straightened it! It looks nice'

'Thanks' I say, ushering the girls out of the door. I check I have my phone and my purse in my pocket and shut the door.

'Let's get out of here' I say. Then I continue:

'The boys are being too nice, it creeps me out'. The girls laugh and we walk down the stairs to the elevator. I gasp and then I say:

'Is Kari coming?'. They look at each other, not knowing.

'I'm not sure. I'll call Niall' Lana says and she calls Niall.

'No, she isn't' she replies, as soon as she gets off the phone. We all breathe sighs of relief.

We all walk to the café and sit down. We all have toast and hot chocolate.

'So you still get on with Kari?' Sam asks me, sipping her drink. I shake my head.

'She does my head-in to be honest' I reply. They nod.

'She does ours too. She's so annoying and' Lana says, coming up with the word at last.

'Well, let's not think of Kari today. We're gonna have fun shopping, right girls?' Hannah says. We all smile. Trust Hannah to brighten the mood. We all nod and stand up. We pay and then we leave the café. We walk down the street until Lana says:

'Where are we goin'?'

'Well, I know a shopping centre we can go to' Lana says, shrugging. We all nod and Hannah says:

'Yeah, we'll go there then'

'Shall we get a taxi or walk?' Sam asks.

'Let's walk. I wanna get to know the city a bit' I say.

'Yeah, Ok' Lana replies and we follow her. I walk with Sam and Hannah walks beside Lana.

'So, how's Zayn getting on with Kari?' she asks me, quietly. I shrug.

'They were fighting, but then they made up...That's happened a few times' I answer her. She nods.

'Anyway, how's Liam and you getting on?' I ask her, smiling at her. She blushes and replies:

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