Chapter 6

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I didn't like it but fair was fair. "Ask away." I said.

"What happened to your family?" Mitch asked.

I froze. "M-my family?" I asked.

"Yup." Mitch said.

"They were burned along with my kingdom." I answered sadly.

"Burned?" Mitch asked. "Wasn't everything made out of stone in your day?"

"No." I said. "We were in the middle of expanding our reach so the north wall was made temporarily out of wood. Herobrine came one day and..." I couldn't keep going.

"Wow, I never though that would be why you disappeared last time." Mitch said softly.

"My people died in the fire." I said. "Along with my wife and son."


"Because it pains me to think about it." I said.

"Mitch, lay off on the questions." Seto said calmly. "Can't you see this is hurting him?"

"He's like 3 thousand years old, I think he can take it." Mitch said. "He's practically immortal."

"But he's still human." SB said. "All of us are no matter what we become."

I chuckled a little bit. "You're just like your sister." I said.

"I didn't know you knew my sister." SB said. "I mean she talked about some guy named Adam but that's it."

"She always did call me by my real name." I said.

"You're Adam?" SB asked.

"You know any other 3 thousand year old kings?" I asked.

"Adam?" Mitch asked. "That's not a very old timey name."

"It was a popular name back then." I said. "It was only given to an only child."

"It's true." SB said.

At that moment Jerome and Huskey came back. Jerome seemed less worried. "How did it go?" Seto asked.

"It went well." Huskey said sitting down.

"It seems like we have everyone." Ty said.

"Not yet." I replied.

"How many more?" Mitch asked.

"Two." I said.

"Thank god." Ty mumbled.

"They're gonna be a hard ones though." Seto sighed.

"True." I replied.

"Who are they?" Mitch asked.

"One is Derp." I sighed.

"Who's that?" Ty asked.

"In my time there was this assassin. He was the best around but he had one flaw. He had this other person in the body that would take over for him. That was Derp. He is incredibly stupid and tended to do things without thought for his health." I explained.

"He's insane." Seto said.

"So we're gonna be traveling with an insane assassin?" Mitch asked.

"I'm not sure if the family is still into assassination or not." I said. "I know for sure that Derp is but I'm not sure if the host is."

"Wait, this guy has an insane alter-ego?" Jerome asked.

"Yes." Seto answered.

"I think I might know him!" Jerome stated.

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