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Hanbin was the first to enter, walking into the spacious room with careful footing as it had pieces of metal scattered around.

Wow, this place really wasn't Tinashe friendly.

"Hello," a voice chirruped from the end of the room.

The voice almost sounded like Bobby due to it being warped slightly in the distance so Tinashe almost stepped in front of Hanbin to insult him like she usually did but Hanbin kept her behind him as they walked further down.

Tinashe whispered, her nails slightly digging into his arm. "Is that Bobby or the Jinhwan guy?"

Hanbin shushed her and spoke up before they seemed suspicious. "Hey," he said easily. "I'm Hanbin and this is Tinashe."

Tinashe found herself being pushed forward by Hanbin and she refused to let go of his hand as she stood out in the open in plain sight.

The voice from earlier resurfaced as Jinhwan and he smiled as he neared the girl.

He rested his hands on his sides as he tilted his face. "Hi there, little lady."

Timashe's face showed slight distaste and Hanbin squeezed her hand because he knew if he didn't make his presence known again, she'd say something stupid and spoil the whole deal.

"Hi there, little man," she smiled innocently.

Jinhwan laughed, his breath wafting the distant smell of tobacco around. Tinashe crinkled her nose.

Why did all of these men have to smoke? First Bobby, then Hanbin, now him. Jesus, they were all going to die.

And Jinhwan had a nice face too, his skin was clear but if he didn't smoke, she could almost guarantee that he'd look like an angel on Earth. Even though what he's running right now is far from legal.

"Funny girl," he straightened his back nodding at Hanbin. "She's cute, I like that."

"I'm sorry if she offends you, she lacks the qualities needed to be sociable," Hanbin stood beside her, almost crushing her hand because the previous squeeze was meant to shut her up but obviously she doesn't read in between the lines.

Tinashe inched her foot to Hanbin's and eased herself on top of his shoe, seeing his eyebrow twitch as he gave his attention to a very amused Jinhwan.

"Don't worry about it," Jinhwan said, turning on the heel of his expensive looking shoes. "Follow me."

They were led outside of the room to another section that appeared to be located above it.

Tinashe looked over the railing they were brought across to see eighty to a hundred people situated at conveyer belts, printing, stamping and folding paper.

"Oh, so you got a serious gig, huh?" Tinashe said as she peered at the solemn people with rips in their clothes and bags under their eyes. The stereotypical shit you see on tv.

"Yup, never been caught," Jinhwan hummed proudly(?), though it almost got drowned out completely in the whirring of the machinery. "You're lucky you have Hanbin, darling, these were people like you," he laughed.

Tinashe looked to Hanbin, whose face kept straight ahead. She didn't like this Jinhwan character.

She remained quiet for the rest of the journey round until they were taken to a warmly lit room and sat down in the chairs in front of a desk, which Jinhwan soon sat behind.

"Pictures," he said finally and Hanbin took them out of his wallet and slid them on the desk across to the handsome man.

"Do you need all eight of them?" Tinashe asked, still holding Hanbin's palm unconsciously.

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