Chapter 3

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Ayesha's POV

I open the door in anger but it doesn't last too long when I see my two best friends waving at me. I smile, wave and then walk to them. I feel my anger fading away.

My cousin, Anaya Khan, is the same age as me. We've been studying together since we were little. She's my cousin and my best friend. Cool isn't it? To have a cousin with you in school or university. She always supports me through my ups and downs. We got into arguments sometimes but we would get back together easily. She is really pretty with her brown eyes, pink lips and strawberry blonde hair. Me and almost all people in this university, love her hair.

Ayyan Shakil, my trusty friend, He's been with me and Anaya for about 7 years now. Since he came, he has been supporting us and protecting us like a big brother. But I have to say, I have a feeling he has a slight crush on Anaya. He is really handsome and attractive with his ash brown hair, navy blue eyes and a sharp jawline. He is really caring and sweet as well. Her future wife would be really lucky I have to say.

"Hello? Ayesha?! No greetings?" A voice caused me to come back on earth.

I smiled and enveloped them into a hug. We discussed some things about the exams and then left for our classes which happened to be mathematics for me.


In the cafeteria

"Anaya, back at it again with the lame jokes," I said, while she was still laughing at the awful joke she made.

"Well, I can't do anything about it. You just have a BAD sense of humor," She said, after she calmed down.

"Yeah sure," I say, rolling my eyes.

We were chatting and eating our food and stopped when we saw Ayyan coming towards us with a frightened look.

"Hey Ayyan, what's up?" I said when he made himself comfortable on the chair next to Anaya.

We were sitting on a 4 person table in the university cafeteria. It's very huge with a variety of food.

"Did you see the notice board," He asked.

"No," I said, taking a sip of my acetic orange juice.

Seriously? Who drinks juice this sour..?

"They lowered the exam dates to tomorrow," He says with a frown.

I choke on my food and Anaya pats my back. I give her a reassuring smile.

"What is the first exam?" I ask, worriedly.

"Chemistry," He said, groaning.

Ayyan hates Chemistry.

"Ohh, that's easy. I've already prepared for it," I say, continuing to eat my food.

That's what you call a nerd.

"Oh my god, It's chemistry?! Tell me you're kidding," Anaya says, looking up from her phone.

She's on her phone literally 24/7. Updating statuses on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and posting selfies on Instagram. That's what she does all the time. Oh, how can I forget texting. She's always texting with a grin on her face. I wonder what's so funny and who does she talk to. Oh well, she probably shares her lame puns with her friends.

Oh! Ayyan and Anaya share the same opinion about chemistry.

I turn my attention back to their conversation.

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