Drunken mistakes

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Jess' POV

When I imagined moving into an apartment with a flat mate, I didn't imagine it being so lonely. I had been in the apartment for two days and had near to none of Joe, at first I had imagined he was nervous, but now I had seen him more as arrogant. He had been out most nights, and when he was at the apartment he didn't come out of his room.

Being in what I called the 'lazy Sunday mood' despite it being a Tuesday, I changed into something more comfortable.

Being in what I called the 'lazy Sunday mood' despite it being a Tuesday, I changed into something more comfortable

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After getting changed, I fell back onto my bed, feeling a sense of tiredness take over my body. But I suddenly shot up as I heard noises from outside my room, my mind immediately went to Joe. Being the curious person I truly was, I cracked my door open, looking around to see he had dimmed the lights, and a movie was playing on the tv, but Joe wasn't there. 

Tip toeing my way into the living room, I spotted Joe looking in the fridge, soon reaching for something which I recognised as the beer that had been bought multiple times over the last 48 hours. Returning to his seat, not noticing or ignoring me as I decided to sit on the other side of the sofa, not looking at Joe in fear of a repeat of the first day. I recognised the movie as Insidious, I had watched the movie before, well half of it. In the end my friends and I turned it off cause we kept screaming and their neighbours complained. 

My eyes peeped over the cushion that I had grabbed hiding me from the Tv, suddenly a loud scream left my mouth. My hands covering my eyes as the scene continued, hearing the sound of infectious laugh, I looked through my fingers to see Joe trying to breath as he continued to laugh like a real life maniac. Was I living with a psychopath?

"Hey! Don't laugh at me!" I whined, watching as Joe controlled his laughter, but still had a wide grin spread across his face. She was happy to see him happy, was that cheesy? The cheesiest Jess, did you expect anything less from you? I couldn't care less, this is the best I had got on with Joe, looking up I realised he was standing over me, extremely close. "What are you doing?"

"I was only offering you a beer, sorry." He held the beer towards me, looking a little hurt from my accusing tone. I gave him an apologetic smile, he only just started talking to you don't mess it up!

I grabbed the drink from his hands, taking a large gulp, instantly regretting it as it burnt the back of my throat, making me smile through the pain. Unfortunately due to the strictness of my parents, drinking was not permitted in their home and the only time I really go to drink was when I went out with the girls, which was rare.

By the time the movie had ended the both of us had had at least three beers, choosing to take a shot every time I screamed (which was a lot). Just as the credits began to roll, my legs ran into the bathroom, emptying the entirety of my stomach into the toilet. I felt someone hold my hair back, saving it from getting in the cross fire between my mouth and the toilet, their hand slowly rubbing my back until no more would come up. 

I turned around, flushing the sick down the toilet and leaning my head on the wall, I looked up at Joe to see him crouched down in front of me, the sad smile on his lips giving me the impression I looked a mess. His thumb running under my eyes removing the tears that had begin to fall the moment I was heaving. I felt stupid. I had been in his house for not even a week and I had made my self look like a proper twat. Classy Jess. Classy

"Are you okay?" Joe whispered, as I shut my eyes. My stomach ached, as I held back the sick threatening to spew everywhere. Shaking my head, I heard a low sigh as Joe's arm wrapped under my knee, and the other supporting my back. He kicked the bathroom door open, walking out and towards my room where he placed me on my bed, pulling the duvet over me, before sitting on the end of my bed. "You should probably get some sleep, I'm in the next room if you need me" He smiled, just as he was going to walk away I grabbed his wrist stopping him from walking out.

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologising?" Joe asked, returning to his seat and staring at me, as I began crying again, Jess why are you crying? Are you hormonal, cause you are close to drowning in your own tears! 

"When I moved out of my parents house, it was the first time I had been independent from their money and their rules. I though I had done it, but look at me. You hate me, I drank three beers and got drunk. I wanted to show my self as strong, not a weak little daddy's girl. And now I'm rambling, great." I tried to laugh through the tears, but I was sure I looked like I was having a mental break down, if Joe wasn't creeped out before he defiantly was now.

"Hey, hey. Jess I don't hate you okay, I was just being an ass. Don't worry, you'll get used to it in no time. Don't feel like you have to be this strong person, I cry over puppies and notebook, there is nothing to be ashamed of." Joe confirmed, looking kind of shocked at my comment of him hating me. 


"Promise. Now go to sleep, I have seen drunk Jess, I don't even want to imagine sleep deprived Jess." Joe laughed, I smiled before the weakness took over my body and I fell into a space that was filled with Channing Tatum and Teen Wolf, what I would call perfection. 

"Night Jess.".

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