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Pen Your Pride

She Devil

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She Devil

I am what I am,

Your names won’t change that.

Conniving bitch.

Seductive witch.

Call me what you want,

The truth will remain unscathed.

They look at me instead of you

But I didn’t ask them to

Yet you justify their heated stares

With icy glares

And harsh words.

All aimed at me.

You don’t know me

Yet you don’t try to

But I don’t blame you

Neither should you

We’re all innocent in some way

And this is yours; don’t lose it.

Stay away from the liars and the bastards

They’re all after you

They’ll take from you what they did me

As their hunger and want sprout into never ending trees.

It’s all just a quick suck and fuck

And I’m discarded like last night’s leftovers.

But you couldn’t know that,

Surrounded by your perfect world.

Too bubbled in the protective cover

To try to look around and discover

That the world isn’t what it seems

I learnt that the hard way.

So I am what I am

Your looks won’t change that.

But this is how I cope

I refuse to sit around and hope

For that Knight you all want

It isn’t real and will never be.

Steam filled in cars

Red lips smacked at bars

One, two, three, four…

I may have just taken what was yours

I’m not sorry, why should I be?

After all I am what I am.

Welcome to reality.

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