The text that broke my heart

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(Ok so this part will mainly be texting ur welcome)
Vinny's POV
"Chris where are we going next?" "somewhere no were near here so I'm not sure" "k" I'm soooo bored, I thought to myself, I guess I could text Y/n, so I did



Y/N you there

I guess ur asleep

*next day*

Hey Vinny I saw u texted me so what is it
Oh I was just really bored so I wanted to text u
Hey Vinny can I tell you something
Sure what is it cupcake (he calls her cupcake now)
Umm I was wondering if you could help me find a house
Why your only 16
Ik but I just can't take the physical and mental abuse any more and I do something that u wouldn't want me to do and I-I want to stop and the only way I think I can is if I leave my father
Oh ok I'll ask Chris if we can stay here one more day if you don't find a house you can come with us
Ok thanks Vin bye
Bye cupcake

Sorry this part was short but I'm not really that happy and I've been very lazy lately so yeah sorry but I swear the next part will be better

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