Chapter 12. Edited.

Kira P.O.V.

It had been a whole day without a text or a phone call from Cameron which had me worried. Johnny asked what was wrong and I would just say ''I really don't know''. Johnny was super cool about everything and was a safe harbor. He was so blasé about the whole ''I might still be dating someone'', like I said he didn't care. When Milo would come into a room he would jump to another chair or move me quickly away from him. I didn't understand why he was so worried. He would apologize and say something like ''It's not the right time'', which it wasn't but it still stung a little. I have been so worried about Cameron and what he might have done to himself, or to his mother. I still felt like a bad person for even thinking that way about him, but I couldn't help but still be worried.

''Kira'', Milo's voice said behind me.

He had pulled me out of my day dreaming. I looked down and realized I was pouring coffee all over the counter.

''Shit'', I said jumping back from the hot liquid. I grabbed a towel and started mopping it up. Of course I'd do something like this.

''What's up?'', Milo asked boosting himself to sit up on the left counter. His eyes were suspicious and full of accusations.

''Nothing, I'm just tired'', I said throwing the towel in the washing machine.

''So are you ready for the party tonight?'', He asked looking happy.

''Are you?'', I said looking down at his still bandaged foot.

''Yes'', He said enthusiastically.

''Well I'm not'', I said sighing.

''You forgot, didn't you'', He said slightly pissed now.

''Yes'', I said biting my lip.

''Kira'', He said whining like a little kid.

''It will be OK. I'll have everything sorted don't worry'', I said forcing a smile.

''That's why I love you', he said grabbing his crutches and lightly lowering down off the counter and he hopped away.

I was a comical sight that you only see one in a lifetime or until he breaks something in his lower body again. I stood there looking out the back window of my house. I watched all the birds fly in and fly away, never waiting for each other, although they flew together. Strange. I watched as a lone bird flew into the yard and just perched on the fence looking directly in at me. The bird was chirping making the most beautiful music I had ever heard, but it was alone.

This bird reminded me of Cameron. How he was such and beautiful person, such a good person and in this time when he was bad and there was obviously something abnormally wrong I had just left him on his own.

I had to ring him. I had to get to understand what was truly wrong. Me and him could never be together again, these past few days had proven that, but now he was my friend. I believed him to be my friend if the feeling was mutual I didn't know but in my eyes he was my friend and could I just leave a friend to suffer. I had Johnny to support me and he was alone. When I think about it, would I walk by a man dying on the street? The truth is we all do. Every homeless person is dying but we ignore it for we want that extra $1 for a lipstick or something we don't need. That's what I was doing to Cameron there was obviously something very wrong but I had just abandoned him and left him to dwell in his own guilt as well as whatever other problems he had and jumped to the shiny object to distract me. What would I say to him?

 ''Hey, I think you need to see a shrink''...No.

''Hey, I think you have problems, but I don't particularly want to help you''...No.

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