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Pen Your Pride

Vampire Diaries one-shot

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-Stefan Salvatore-

I could smell her blood from miles away.

She had short blonde hair,a baby doll round face and beautiful mint green eyes.

Her name was Victoria Mahaney.

I wanted her as my own,and seeing that my dumbass brother wasn't around,I could do it.

I knew where she lived so I pulled on my favorite leather jacket and ran to Ohio.

Once there,I easily found her house.

I ran up the side of the house and opened her window.

She had told me the first time we met that if I was ever in Ohio to come over,to me that sounded like an invitation.

I crawl through and sit on her window seat,waiting to see her face when she goes to her room.

 Seconds later,a hand was crushing my throat and holding me to the wall.

"Hello,brother."He hisses in my ear.

"Damon."I choke out,throwing him to the wall.

"What are you doing here?"I ask angrily,rubbing my throat.

He smiles evilly and walks back down the stairs.

"Damon."I call following him.

He stood behind a girl with long brown hair,and saphire eyes.

He wraps his arms around her and picks her up.

She squeales and kisses him.

Tori walks in and blushes,looking down at the floor when she sees me.

 I smile devilishly and walk to Damon and the new girl.

"Brother,you didn't tell me you had a beautiful girlfriend."I say to Damon,taking the girl's hand and kissing it gently.

"Taylor,this is my brother Stefan,and she's not my girlfriend.She's my fiance."Damon says sweetly,kissing her neck and showing me the ring.

I bow to her and walk straight to Victoria.

"Hello,beautiful."i say softly,wishing my brother wasnt here.

I could tell the two girls were friends,they moved just the same and blushed the same.

They were twins,basicly.

She smiles and blushes.

She looks over and Taylor and smiles.

Something about her smile made me feel...whole again.

Could her mere smile be changing my undead and darkened heart's ways?


Nothing in the world could change a murderer's heart,especailly if they were a vampire and it was their second nature.

And to me,murdering was my nature and kindness was my second.

She goes to walk away when I grab her by her throat and throw her against the wall closest to me.

"Tori..."Taylor sang behind me before Damon ran over and picked her up and sit her on the counter,keeping her away from me.

I stare at the throbbing gland in Tori's throat.

"Please don't hurt me."She whispers softly.

I look up and into her eyes.

They were darker now,emerold green diamonds.

I stare into them and suddenly feel my heart beat hard,ripping my breath away.

I drop her and fall to my knees.

"I'm so sorry,my dear."I whisper softly,tears in my eyes.

I run out the front door and walk down the street.

Minutes later,a tiny hand intertwined it's fingers in through mine.

I turn and see Tori.

"I forgive you."She whispers softly before kissing me.

Her lips were like heaven,soft and warm.

Loving and enbracing.

I now knew that one person's eyes can change an undead and darkened heart's ways.

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