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Japan was always busy and especially when the crowds started forming. You ran as fast as your legs could carry you. Your (H/C) hair bounced up and down and you carried books on your arms. School was finally over, but the beginning of your torture. Your teachers decided to turn into demons and give you all homework and assignments to study for a big test coming next week. Wonderful. You barely had time at all. Your parents were always busy in their jobs and took daily trips outside of home that lasted weeks. They gave you money to buy food, but decided to get a job instead for yourself income and expenses and not mentioning that you also have Judo classes for defense. Yup, a pretty busy schedule.

You almost tripped on your feet, but regained your balance fast, " That was close." You mumbled to yourself, "Meow!" You heard a screeching sound sounding desperate for help. You followed the sound to a nearby alley. You saw a group of kids the same as your age shaking the cat and laughing at its pleading expression. You scoffed under your breath and anger started boiling inside you. You came near the group, " Hey! Leave the cat alone!" You shouted. The group of boys laughed at you, " And what are you going to do about it, princess?"

Princess. You hated that nickname with all your passion. Using the name as saying that you were fragile and weak. The damsel in distress. Clenching your fists and glaring at the guys, " I'm warning you. Leave the cat alone." You growled. The leader of the group came towards you, " Or what?" He smirked and put his hand over your shoulder. You smiled innocently, but that smile held malice. You grabbed his sleeve and shirt and flipped him over your shoulder. He landed roughly on the ground. You put your foot on his back and twisted his arm, " Or I'll make sure you land on the hospitable for months." You snarled. He nodded nervously fearing for his life as his buddies looked at you scared. You let them go and they ran.

" Princess me? More like them." You made your way to the cat and picked him up, " Poor you." You said. The cat was a mess and had some bruises, " I can't leave you here or someone is going harm you again, but I can't also keep a cat." You said to yourself, " I'll just keep you until I find a better home for you."


You got home and threw your stuff on the sofa. A yellow sticky note appeared as you closed the door of the house.
Off to a business trip. Will be back in two weeks
~Love, mom and dad
You gave out a sigh, " Typical." You muttered. The little cat was on your arms peacefully sleeping and sweat-dropped at the sight, " Let's get you cleaned up and fixed." You smiled at the cat. You bathe him and then dried him. You grabbed your first aid kit and took out some bandages and rubbing alcohol. Cleaning his wounds and then wrapping it. The cat opened his eyes showing red orbs, " Well look at that. A black cat with red eyes. Can't say that it doesn't look adorable on you." You chuckled. the cat meowed, " I'll just call Aka-chan until I find you a home." You said. The little cat closed his eyes again. You chuckled and decided to make a bed for him out of blankets. You placed him there as Aka-chan curled up into a ball.


You looked at your watch to see the time, " It's time for me to go to work." You sighed and grumbled, " Stay out of trouble Aka-chan until I come back." You mumbled to the cat. You changed your school uniform to a (F/C) short sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, your (2nd F/C) jacket strapped around your waist, and your black boots, " Bye Aka-chan." and closed the door.

It has been three months since that day. You took care of him and even got him a bed for him to sleep on. You tried finding him a home by asking your friends, teacher, or your neighbors, but none didn't want a cat. Your job went fine and your parents decided to let you keep the cat since that means you won't be alone at home, of course you still tried finding him a better place. The teachers finally got an exorcism and decided to give mercy to you students. At night you studied after coming back from work and even fell asleep ignoring your surrounding completely. Of course Aka-chan or Sleepy Ash turned into his human form and looked around the house while your asleep. Sometimes you would wake up with a blanket over your body and a note beside you saying to take it easy from working and relax next time. Thinking it was your parents, you dismissed the note, and other times finding food missing from the supply closet.

The missing food perplexed you more since it was ramen, chips, cola, and your sweet bread. Stuff that you normally ate, but your parents usually avoided. Of course you never suspected that it was the little cute onyx cat that you've been keeping for awhile now, let alone a servant vampire. Giving up from finding Aka-chan a home, you decided to keep him and went out to buy him a collar and some toys for him. You brought him along.

You bought the stuff and a lollipop for yourself since you love sweets. The street was empty and not a car insight. The traffic light turned red giving you a chance to cross the street to get to your house. Unbeknownst to you that a car was speeding towards you. You heard the sound of screeching wheels and turned your head to the side. Your eyes widened seeing the car close to you. You couldn't save yourself in time, but instead threw the cat on the other side of the street as the car hit you.

You slammed and rolled on the ground. The car stopped for a minute, but drove away leaving your body on the floor. Blood oozed from your head and mouth. Your body started numbing from the excruciating pain around your body. The little cat stared at you wide eyed. Seeing the body of the person who rescued him, fed him, cuddled him, and decided to keep, dying from a selfish person running over her. Sleepy Ash ran towards you. His eyes held sadness seeing your light fading away. You coughed a bit of blood and looked at Aka-chan, " Sorry.....that...you had...to...see...this..." You said to him weakly. You used all of your remaining strength to pet his head, " I wish...I...could...live..longer...to..be...with...you..." You trailed off. Your hand petting him felled to the hard concrete of the street. Your eyes closed permanently and your shallow breath stopped.

The little cat pawed your limp hand. Droplet of tears dropped on the floor. (Y/N). The girl that gave up her life to save him. A little cat that is a vampire and couldn't die. She gave her life away for him to live on. The cat transformed into his human form of a teen with white-bluish hair, a blue hoodie, and his glowing red eyes.

" You're troublesome that I could die, but.........." He wasn't sure if he wanted to do this, but you wanted to live to be with him, " What a pain." He said and bit his lower lip. Blood started surrounding his bitten lip. He cradled your body on his arms and lowered his head. His soft lips touched yours. His blood going into your mouth. He put your body on the ground and waited. Your injuries started healing and your chest moved as air rushed into your lungs. Your once (E/C) eyes turned red. Your vision cleared seeing the boy by your side, " W-Who are you?" You questioned. He looked at you with his lazy gaze. Your eyes widened, " Aka-chan?"

" What a pain."

He explained to you that his actually a vampire that is a servant and made you into his subclass. At first you didn't want to believe it, but since you got run over, died then woken up, it is pretty believable. He also told me that I'm also a vampire, but the sunlight can kill me and other people too and other servamps also. We decided to explore together. My family thinks I'm actually dead for some reasons. I also perform street shows to earn the money to eat food and Sleepy Ash in his cat form also lend us money. It has been many years since that fateful day.

Kuro here. Thank you for reading this story and hope you like. please comment if you like it or something that is wrong since this is my first X reader story. I just love Kuro. Bye!

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