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Kitty. That's what people called her.
That was her online alias.
People also called her Crystal.
None of those are her real name.
No one knew her real name.
Except for a few people.
Until one day.
Her life changed.

[I am aware that Max has a girlfriend, Cheese as she calls herself, but I will still be writing this book, for the fun of it. If Max ever sees it <which I doubt will ever happen> I respect your relationship. Read on........... My fwiend]

Andrea's POV

Hello. No one knows me. Really. Not until. Him. He changed my life forever.


Andrea's Pov

I'm walking to the place where PAX Prime, now known as PAX West, was set up. Wearing a black hoddie, hood up, with black-ish skinny jeans. The black vans I had on my feet were the only thing I saw. The cement sidewalk underneath my shoes a gray blurry mess as I walk faster. I knew where to go. I've been going to PAX West since I've ever known. I slightly smile as I look at all the people that were looking at me weirdly. I've been used to people looking at me. Or gossiping about me. Ever since middle school.

I crash into someone. I didn't fall on them, and they didn't fall on me, whoever they were. I look up to see a man, about my age. He had brown hair, covered by a hat, brown eyes, with glasses on his nose. He had a black shirt, short-sleeved, blue jeans, and navy blue vans on his feet. I stared at the floor between us, remembering every detail of his face.

"Hey? Did you hear me?" He asks in a semi-loud voice, snapping me out of assessing his looks. I shake my head, meaning no. I look up to see a pair of worried eyes looking down at me. I tilt my head to the right and arch my left eyebrow, meaning I'm confused. He just looks at me. Then smiles.

"I asked what your name is." He says again. I tilt my head back to its normal position, and unarch my eyebrow. I look back at the floor, not saying anything.

"Well, No Name. My names Adam!" He says. I pull my lips down, frowning at him calling me No Name.

"Kitty." I whisper in a voice I had not heard in months. Scared. That's what I was. My voice quivering slightly.

"Hm?" Adam asks, meaning for me to speak up.

"Kitty." I mumble.

"Kitty?" Adam asks questionably. Another man with an almost bald head comes up to us. I take a step back. I don't like a lot people near me. I look behind me, no one. Good. I turn around and run. I run until I reach a point where I can't breath anymore, causing me to cough a lot, bringing attention to me. I run into the hotel that's near me. Coincidentally being the hotel I'm staying in. I run up to the elevator, pushing a button for the elevators to come down. I mentally scold myself for forgetting to bring my gray water bottle.

The elevator in the middle comes down with a ding. A man comes from behind me and goes into the elevator. I take a deep breath and walk in too, hitting the button for the 5th floor. The man comes up behind me and pushes the 4th floor button, then waits for it to light up. He walks to the back corner of the elevator. The metal confining box goes up and I hold my breath and close my eyes, cursing mentally for not taking the stairs.

I open my eyes to see we're only on the 2nd floor. The buttons for the first 5 floors are light up. I look to the man. I assess his features. I see his red hair and brown eyes. The black shirt he's wearing has a picture of Sans from Undertale. His blue jeans almost covering his black Adidas.

"Urm. Hello?" I say looking at the floor between his feet.

"Hey. I'm Max." He says in a calm voice.

"Kitty." I say quietly.

"Nice name." Max says.

"I'm scared." I say quietly. Max looks up at me and smiles.

"It's alright." Max says in a soothing voice. I awkwardly wait for the metal confining box to reach the 5th floor. I close my eyes and feel the pit in my stomach grow.

"Dang. Why did I take the metal box of death?" I curse under my breath closing my eyes tighter. Max laughs.

I open my eyes to see we're on the 3rd floor. I walk out of the elevator and take 2 flights of stairs up. I open the door that has a metal 5 next to it. I walk to my room, number 507-508, and open the door. I close the door behind me. I walk to the little living room thing, on the left side of the 2 bedroom suite, room number 507. My friend Tiffany is sitting on the couch, watching re-runs of Gravity falls. I sit next to her, watching the screen intently.

"Hey Kitty. Why are you here?" Tiff says, turning down the volume of the Tv. Knowing it was semi-loud for me.

"I ran into," I shudder, "some people. Adam. I think his name was." I say more confident then when I was talking to Adam or Max.

"Oh. I think I know who you're talking about. SkyDoesMinecraft's his YouTube name." Tiff says, turning off the Tv. I pout, sad I didn't remember the 12 million subscriber YouTuber I am always watching.

"I took the metal confining box of death." I say. Tiff seems surprised that I took the elevator. I get up from the couch and walk to the room I share with Tiff. I grab my camera from its resting place on my temporary desk. I go to the kitchen, grab my water bottle, and walk back to Tiff.

"Bye. I'm gonna try to go to PAX West without talking to many people." I say. Tiff gets up and hugs me. I hug her back.

"Careful out there. There's going to be a lot of people." She says chuckling. I chuckle too.

"I will." I say exiting the door to our room.

(A/N Hey guys! New book! Do you like? I love this book and the ideas I have for it. I want to do more character development then in most of my books that I've written. Bye!

Word count - 1099

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