A/N: Yes the story is moving along slowly but that's how its's going to go. In this chapter there is going to be 3 different point of views because it's needed.

Your P.O.V

You woke up with a pounding head and sore eyes. You were in your PJ's but you don't remember how you got into them. You looked at your phone, it said 10:30, if you wanted to do anything today then you should probably get up.

You walked out of your room still tired from last night."Emma? Zoe?" You called out, then you saw Zoe curled up on the couch reading her book. She looked at you and her eyes got really wide, she seemed worried.

"Sh! Emma's still asleep!" Zoe whispered to you.

"Oh, sorry, uh, did you dress me last night?" You wondered as you sat down in the chair opposite from her.

"Yeah, uh, about that, Y/N, what do you remember about last night?" Zoe asked you in a wobbly voice.

"Well, I the last thing I remember is Emma telling me not to do shots anymore." You said thinking back to last night.

"Oh, okay." Zoe said, she looked back down to her book. You hope you didn't embarrass yourself in front of Dan last night.

"I did have a really strange dream though." You told her.

"Oh...did you? What was it about?" Zoe asked, her hands started to quiver.

"I kissed Dan, well uh, I made out with Dan, It was a great dream." You said thinking back to it, wishing it was real.

"Oh, that sounds cool." She said, this was not like Zoe at all, normally if you had a dream like that she would have over analyzed it and fangirled way too much. After a few minutes of awkward silence Emma came out of her room.

"Hey Em." You said, she had messy hair and her shirt on backwards but other than that she looked fine. 

"Ha, Y/N last night you got soooo hammered." Emma giggled as she rubbed her eyes sleepily and came to sit down with you two.

"Emma how much do you remember of last night?" You asked her hoping she could shed some light on the situation.

Her and Zoe glanced at each other weirdly before Emma said "Uh, I remember most of it, I remember getting home and helping Zoe dress you but some memories are blurrier than others." Okay what is happening?

Zoe's P.O.V

(last night)

"Zo! Open up!" I heard Emma pound on the door at about 1:30 am, I was still up because I wanted to help the two drunkies go to bed and make sure they were safe.

"Okay! I'm coming!" I yelled as I paused the TV and ran to answer the door. When I opened it I saw a slightly intoxicated Emma supporting a wasted almost unconscious Y/N.

"Emma, come in." I said as I helped her bring Y/N in.

"How much did she have to drink?" I asked Emma once we had laid Y/N down on her bed.

"Uh, I-I lost count around s-six shots and four beers. L-listen Zoe we need to talk." Wow, that's a lot of alcohol

"Okay Em, we'll talk once we have Y/N dressed." I told her, Y/N was my main concern. Once we had her dressed and tucked in like a child, Emma led me to the lounge, she was drinking water trying to sober up.

"Zoe, something happened between Dan and Y/N at the club." Emma said while sitting down, she seemed serious.

"What? They didn't get in a fight or anything did they?" Oh I hope they are okay, I hope Y/N didn't do anything stupid.

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