Kol Mikaelson- Sex Marathon

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Warnings: sexual content including; overstimulation, multiple orgasms, swearing, mention of daddy kink, oral.

Fandom: The Originals/The Vampire Diaries

Second person pov:
"Baby?" Kol's voice rung out, interrupting the silence that overtook the room.

"Yes, Kol?" You smiled at him as you waited for his question.

"I was wondering if we can try something different tonight.." Kol bit his lip and spoke with a shake in his voice, signaling he was nervous.

"Ooh! You have my attention!" You exclaimed out excitedly, putting down your phone, giving him your full attention. This seemed to calm Kol's nerves a bit and he smiled a small grin.

"Okay. So, I want to try overstimulation." He bit his lip and twiddled with his fingers as he waited for your response.

"Like, multiple orgasms?" You questioned, wanting clarification.

"Yeah, I thought it sounded interesting and would spice our sex up a bit. What do you think?" He asked for your opinion, and you brought your lips into a smirk.

"I think it sounds like a sex marathon. Which I'm always up for with you." You smirked wider as you crawled over to him and straddled his lap.

"Likewise, Princess." He replied with a smirk as you laid him back against the pillows of your shared bed.

You giggled lightly and placed a kiss to his lips as he began to tug off your--his-- oversized shirt, leaving you in just your lingerie. He groaned at the sight and quickly stripped down to his boxers.

Kol swiftly had you pinned beneath him before you could even blink.

"Will you let me love you, Princess?" He whispered in your ear as you bit your lip and nodded.

Kol kissed your lips and discarded your bra before kissing a trail down to your panties.

"Now remember, the safe-word is... grapes." He thought for a second before deciding, his choice making you giggle. He swiftly brought your giggles to an end by cupping your pussy in his hand.

"Oh you're so wet, Princess. Who are you wet for?" Kol smirked, and you let out a gasp as he pressed his thumb to your clit.

"You, Kol. Fuck." You moaned as he slid off the thin lace material before going back to rubbing your clit.

Your mouth fell agape as moans and whimpers escaped your lips, your eyes shut in bliss.

Kol's eyes flickered up, wanting to watch your reactions.
He smirked at the sight of his Princess moaning and writhing beneath him so quickly.

Your boyfriend then quickly began darting his tongue in and out of you quickly. Your legs wrapped around him, involuntarily pushing him closer to your heat.

He kissed and nibbled at your clit as his fingers toyed with your entrance before slipping in one then another finger.

"K-Kol! That feels amazing." You moaned before biting your lip.

Kol kept your hips in place, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of your heat. The knot in the pit of your stomach was approaching.
You reached down and toyed with Kol's locks as he moaned into your heat, tongue darting in and out of you at a steady pace.

It was when you started to clench around his fingers that he began to kiss to your clit. The sensation started made your knees weak. The feeling overcame you as you felt your thighs begin to shake.

Once you cooled down, Kol pulled away to watch your juices leak out of you.

"That's one," Kol whispered, tongue softly licking between your folds to clean you up as you nodded lazily.

He didn't pull up, however. Kol stuck his tongue in you and continued to eat you out.

"Kol.." You whimpered, still feeling sensitive from your orgasm.

"The sensitivity will pass, Princess. Safe-word if you need to." Kol kissed your inner thigh reassuringly before continuing to suck on your clit.

He reached over and intertwined your hands with his on either sides of your hips as he nuzzled his face closer to your heat, moans escaping your mouth.

Kol ate you out passionately and quickly until you came a second time with a loud cry of pleasure.

"You okay, Princess?" Kol asked, stroking your hair as he placed a kiss to your collarbone.

"Yes. Let's keep going, daddy." You only called him 'daddy' when you wanted him to get on with it and cut the teasing.

His eyes darkened and he then rubbed the head of his cock between your folds, and slowly he slid into you, stopping and letting you adjust.

"Move please, Kol," You bit your lip, your voice almost commanding.

Kol nodded, hips raising as he began to thrust into you.

Once he got into a steady rhythm, everything grew heated.

His grip on your hips tightened as he began to pound into you.

"Oh fuck! Yes, yes," You chanted in a piercing cry.

The head of his member began hitting against your g-spot.

Kol's moans were soft yet hungry next to your ear, his rough hands gripping at your waist.

You wiggled in his grasp, your heat clenching as you came undone around his member. Kol flipped you over, and began to pound into you.

He went in deep, hitting all the right spots and you felt every familiar inch of his cock.

The original was close to his release too, his thrusts starting to becoming sloppy.

You were becoming sensitive to his touch, body jerking with the overdrive.

"S-So good. Fuck you feel amazing," he grunted, reaching down to rub your clit.

You came once more, crying out at the pleasure at your fourth orgasm.

After a few seconds he groaned an animalistic groan as he released inside of you. Moans coming from deep within his throat. He pulled out a minute later, and plopped down beside you.


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