Chapter 1: Meet Hiccup

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~five years later

today was the day it all happened today was the birthday of hiccup horrendous haddock III he was turning five, although everyone on berk thought it was just a normal birthday and that all they had to do was ignore the five year old village runt, but no today was the day that hiccup would finally figure out where he belongs

Nobody in the village knew about hiccup, they only thought that he was the village runt in the making.

but he was the very child that a so called viking legend talked about, he was the child of lightning and death themselves.

although hiccup was only young and he didn't know how to harness his power yet or talk to the shadows, as a matter of fact he didn't even know anything , but on this day, the day of his fifth birthday, he would be taken away to arrive and the dragons sanctuary and finally learn how to harness this power , with lighting and death watching over him with their watchful eyes.

~hiccups POV

i woke to the sun, shining down on my bed, then i remembered that it was my birthday, YAY!

I run downstairs to my dads room when i realised that he wasn't there.

"Awww, he missed my birthday again" I sobbed

it wasn't fair, he always missed my birthday. but then i heard a noise, what was that.

"Herrow" I said

then it all went black


the small boy hit the ground with a thud, and was immediately knocked unconscious, it was then when the shadows decided it was time to take him to the dragons nest.


when they arrived hiccup was laid down near the alpha the great bewilder beast, the dragon sniffed the boy and immediately recognised him as lightning and deaths child, hiccup was taken into a small cave and was laid down on a bed of rock until he was to wake up


~back on berk/ three days later

the village was in the great hall grieving over their lost heir, although they barley knew him they all still felt like something was taken away from them.

but unknown to them he would be back more powerful and confident than ever.


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