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Vinny's pov

Y/n and I were talking for a while, I don't why but I think I love this girl we have so much in common it's crazy, "hey do you wanna go somewhere that's not an alleyway were there are probably drugies here" I asked "haha ok" we went into a cafe and just sat, I decided to order something or we would of gotten kicked out, "hey do you want anything?" "Nah I'm fine" "you sure?" "Yeah I'm sure" "whatever you say" I ordered then we continued talking, Y/n started to ack like she was hiding from someone "hey Y/n is there something wrong?" "Umm it's just that's my umm principle over there if he sees me I'll get detention for the rest of the term, and then he will call my dad then I would have to hear it from him" "oh ok do you wanna go somewhere else?" "That would be helpful" and with that we left, I didn't know we're to take her so I decided to go back to the bus, I hope she won't pass out, "were are we going?" "Back to my bus" "wait you have a- Nevermind I remember your in a band" I opened the door to see ghost asleep on the couch, I let Y/n inside and she saw ghost, I woke up ghost by screaming in his face, "WHAT!" "I have a friend over, the chick I told you about" "ohhh that chick" he stood up and greeted Y/n after about 15 minutes of introducing her to everyone I started playing video games

Y/n's POV

I was sitting on the couch watching Vinny play video games when my phone went off it was a text from my 'dad' (d-dad y-Y/n)

Y- I-I'm with a-a friend
Y-I'll be home in about 20 minutes
D- good

"I have to go home I guess I'll see you later bye and it was nice meeting you guys" "bye" all the guys said "do you want me to drive you home?" Vinny asked me "umm no I don't think that will be a good idea" "ok bye than I'll text you" then he hugged me, he actually hugged me, does he actually care, I hugged him back so I didn't seem weird, and with that I left, I arrived home and slowly opened the door I closed it just so I wouldn't be pushed back out side, my father turned me around and held me up by my neck, I could hardly breath, he slapped me multiple times, then he punched and dropped me I was trying to catch my breath, I took every kick every scream, I was just hoping it would be over soon, "NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" I quickly ran up to my room and close the door I flung open my draw a grabbed my razor and slid down the door I lifted up my jumper to reveal the scars and the new cuts I created this morning I dragged the sharp gagged piece of metal across my skin multiple times I had tears running down my face, the tears hitting the open wound making the sting I threw my razor and just cried all night until I fell asleep...

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