Escorting the Prince

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You groaned in annoyance for the fifth time, eliminating a group of patrolling Magiteks, the sounds of gunfire echoing across the whole palace. The ruckus was most likely attracting more to your location, annoying you the slightest bit. You watched the prince in the corner of your eye, seeing him easily destroy the soldiers, summoning an arsenal of floating weapons around him. You'd have to be quick with your escort, since the power of the crystal was surging through his body, heightening his power to its very peak. Who knows what would happen if he lost control.

You released an Aero (wind) spell, pushing them a few feet away from the two of you. A few of them began to wobble from damage when they tumbled over in the air, landing roughly on their front or backside. You grabbed onto Noctis' gloved hand, rushing down the endless maze of corridors, all of them looking exactly the same every time you made a left or right.

"How many halls does it take to get out of a frickin place!" You yelled in frustration, hearing the familiar metal clang of Niflheim troops closing in on your location.

"This way f-n." Noctis pointed with his index finger towards a hall, light glowing at the end.

You stumbled forward while ducking, placing an arm over your head as you heard rapid gunshots reach your ears, the bullets barely whizzing past the two of you. Noctis' laced boots slid across the slippery floor as he stopped in his footsteps, releasing your hand from his tight hold. He started to march toward the incoming fire, narrowing his ruby eyes dangerously towards the Imperial shoulders. Transparent, crystal weapons whirled around his figure, deflecting all the bullets.

His form dissapeared into bright blue crystals before his a sword randomly plunged itself into one of their chest, Noctis kicking it down with his feet. He rolled off, turning into crystal as he dodged all their failed attempts of injuring him. Once the group was completely decimated, your e/c eyes locked with his scarlet ones, a worried glint swirling in your orbs. He fluttered his eyes, the intimidating, crimson color lightening in shade. You felt a tint of relief wash over you, walking towards the bright light.

Monsters were running wildly around the broken city, buildings crumbling to the ground.

"Noct! f-n! Get in here!" Prompto's head was sticking out of the window, gesturing with a hand to get in the car. The two of you rushed into the car, staring at the burning city.

Falling rubble fell down like a rainfall, a few pebbles plinking against the car's roof. Noctis stared mindlessly at the destroyed towers, once towering over the city in all its glory. He sealed his eyes shut, his hands tightening in guilt. You gently placed your hand over his, sending him a small smile. He averted his gaze, laying his head on your shoulder, his ebony hair tickling your neck.

The peace soon was disturbed as a loud explosion rang in your ears. The Regalia was flung completely upside down. Your eyesight was hazy, your head throbbing as you felt a rush of blood enter your brain. You turned your head to your right, seeing blood trickling down Noctis' head, hanging with his eyes closed by the seatbelt. You felt a firm grip on your arm, pulling you out of the broken car. You trembled as your rose from the ground, hunched over with your hands on your knees panting.

You mumbled a quiet word of thanks, tilting your head towards Gladiolus. He nodded with an encouraging smile before advancing to rescue Noctis. Someone slung your arm over their shoulders, aiding you in standing. Your head leaned against Prompto's, feeling blood trickling down the side of your head. Noctis couldn't even walk as Ignis struggled to support the prince.

You heard multiple clicking sounds, the noise of guns reloading. Five pairs of eyes wandered around the whole square, Magiteks aiming the end of their guns straight towards the five of you. Prompto leaned himself closer to you, aiming his handgun towards them, his finger trembling against the trigger.

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