6: The Surprise

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you have to make big
to figure out
how to make things
mistakes are painful
they are only way
to find about
Words used : 1964


Allah.. sis you never leave a topic until its clear for you, Allah ka shukar hai. (Thank God )

God bless the person who called her, at least she will forget about this topic.

Oh, so its Dad! GOD bless you, dad!

"Ayaz we will be leaving in an hour Daddy will come to pick us up he said" sis says and looks at Humaira.

"Hey! Humaira? " I said waving a hand in front of her. She raises her head slightly, still seemed lost in some thought.

"Earth to Humaira! " I whisper shout and grab her wrist. I look at her face to see the annoyed expression I always smirk, at but she was extremely calm. I remember teasing her a thousand times, tickling being my biggest weapon but right now looking at her face I had a feeling even that wouldn't work...

Huh never mind I never understood my sis how will I understand her... Girls are girls!

Probably pmsing...

Oh, shush!...

"Come I have only an hour left, I wanna enjoy with everyone!" I say whining a bit and poking her soft arm in an attempt to lighten her mood, sticking to the fact that she might be upset because we are moving to Australia permanently.

We all enter the dining room and I hear Humaira giggle beside me, I give her an amused glance though she doesn't notice it. Anyhow, I was glad she back to being herself.

Her one hand was covering her mouth, hiding her smile as she looked towards the dining table.

"Oh my God! Oh my god! The best solution! " she says laughing one hand covering her mouth.

"Seriously! " it comes out of my mouth before my mind even decides. I also laugh.

It was the same table were Humaira's dupatta got stuck, this rich mahogany wood with a total of 12 chairs and a rectangular table, placed a bit towards the corner of the walls. It had so many memories tied to it... At times playing the UNO cards, to having parties, hiding under the tables and now this new memories joins in as I see Maira and Asim tied to the chairs, one at the head of the table and other on the opposite end. Their hands were tied at the back of the chair and legs on the legs of the chair.

Serves right *smirk* *smirk*

"Oh gosh! " Humaira squeaks.

" What!? Their mouth!? What.. di..did you all... do? " her face turned from happy to shocked in a second.

What happened?

Curious I go beside her and find their mouth stuffed with a cloth which was red


was that blood? What the hell!

"This... I... You are kidding... No" I hear Humaira murmuring to herself and shaking her head horrified. She repeatedly attempts to remove the cloth but retracts every time fearing it might hurt more. I cringe just imagining how much of a pain that must be causing.

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