Chapter 10 ~ Tortured

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* Jade's POV *

To say I was scared was an understatement. I was literally going to crap my pants. Not because of the torture part but more of the person who is going to torture me. So once she had said let the torturing begin she stepped out of the shadows and once the light hit her I got a good look at her. She had long black hair that had a bow in it. Her face basically looked like a dolls. It was super creepy. But the creepiest part was her black eyes that seemed to pierce into your soul. She had a whip in her hand. But it was a special whip not like any other one. It was a silver whip. To say I was terrified of what that would do to me was an understatement. She giggled," Aw the poor doggy is terrified." Her voice was completely different then the first voice. I looked down she had flats not heels. " Where is the other girl?" I asked. A voice in the darkness replied," I can't let you see me. At least not yet." "Why won't you show your face huh? Your scared I'm going to rip it apart?" I screamed into the darkness. She laughed,"I would shut my mouth if I were you! I could easily end your life right now!" She yelled smugly. I was about to retort 'go ahead' but I actually wanted to get out of here. Speaking of here, " Where am I?" I asked. The girl giggled," I'm not going to tell you silly. But let's just say I call it torture town." She clapped her hands. I asked nervously," Is there a hospital in torture town?" The little grill laughed again," I like her she's funny! No silly we don't have a hospital!" I laughed dryly," Yeah because I was totally trying to be funny." I retorted sarcastically. " Enough!" The lady in the darkness yelled. " Let the torturing begin!" 

The little girl snapped her fingers and two figures appeared from the darkness. Two big buff guys appears and they untied me. I kicked and screamed but they wouldn't let me go. I tried so hard to fight out of their grasp but I failed miserably. I bit one of the guys hand since he trine taking off my shirt. " Oh! You little bitch!" He slapped me across the face. I yelped but then I kicked him where the sun don't shine. He groaned and fell to the floor holding them in pain. "That's it!" The other guy grabbed me by my hair and yanked me. I tried to hold on to something but there was nothing around. The little girl was looking at us in amusement. That little girl is an evil little bitch. 

The guy took of my shirt and I felt exposed, even though I had a lacy bra on. The guy looked down at my breasts and his eyes turned darker and they were filled with lust. I smacked him and he stepped back holding his cheek in shock. I tried running but he grabbed my waist and he turned me around and tied me to the wall using silver cuffs that were attached to the wall. I began to kick backward hoping I could kick something but he tied my legs together to the ground. He turned around," She's tied." Just now I noticed he had a Russian accent. Both of the men did. Was I in Russia? Nah it was probably nothing. The little girl giggled," Thank you!" I twisted my head and from the corner of my eye I saw her pat his head. And whisper something in his ear. He nodded and then left. She giggled," This will only hurt a little, doggy." My wolf growled. Finally where had she gone? " Aw the doggy's mad at me." She pouted. " Oh we'll." she shrugged and then whipped me hard on the back. I yelled at the pain. It felt like a thousand needles had just stabbed my back. It left a burning sensation. Another one came and then another. All the little girl did was laugh evilly while tears were poring out of my eyes. Oh Aiden please come and get me.

* Aiden's POV *

Hours had passed. No news on her. No nothing. All the pack fighters were tired and exhausted. I wasn't. I needed to find her. I miss her god dam it! We had stopped by a river bank to rest. I couldn't rest though. Not until I find her. I looked around some we're drinking water and the others were sleeping. I was pacing back and forth. "Aiden." My beta and best friend Evan mind linked me. "What!" I snapped but instantly regretted it. I didn't mean for it to sound that harsh. "You need to rest." He said. "I can't! Not without mowing if she's alive or not!" I yelled. Evan sighed," Look if she were dead then you would be too. You can't survive without your mate." His words made me worry a little less. "Alpha!" A worried voice mind linked me. "Yes." I replied. " We found a rogue by our resting spot. What do you want us to do?" He asked. I sighed. First my mate gets kidnapped and now I have to deal with a fucking rogue. " Bring him to me." I replied with my Alpha tone. "Yes sir."  

A minute later one of my pack fighters followed by 2 other pack fighters who I recognized as Andrew came with a rogue. I shifted back into human and put some clothes on. "Shift!" I commanded the rogue with an Alpha tone. It quickly shifted into a guy. We gave him some clothes and he changed. " What brings you here rogue?" I asked. The rogue handed me a piece of paper with a number on it. My eyes widened. Was this guy fucking giving me his number? I was about to question him when he spoke," I know something about your mate Jade." I used my speed and pinned him into a tree." What do you know?" I asked through gritted teeth. " If you call the number then you'll know." He smirked. " You fucking asshole just tell me!" I yelled pinning him harder. He held his hands up in surrender," I don't know much. But that person does. Trust me." " Why would I fucking trust you rogue?" I spat. " Because I might be your only hope at finding your mate." He replied. I let him go and he ran off. I ignored him and took out my self phone and dialed the number. 

A few rings later some guy picked up. We had a very long conversation with a lot of cussing. Let's just say if my mother would have heard me, she would have washed my mouth with soap more than once. Once the conversation ended I turned to my pack who was waiting for me anxiously. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth since I couldn't believe how she could have gone all the way there. I sighed," We'll boys pack your bags." I folded the piece of paper and put it in my pocket. " We're going to Russia."


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