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*Liam's POV*

"Liam for fuck's sake, get your ass out of bed!" Harry yelled, throwing a pillow at me. I peeked up from underneath my blankets to find Harry standing their with no clothes on. 

"HA-RRY! Put some damn clothes on" I yelled into my pilliow, another pilliow was thrown at me before I heard Harry walk out, chuckling. 

Moving in with Harry was probably the worst decision I ever made but that was the only option I had, knowing that staying alone wasn't exactly the safest thing not when someone unknown was watching me the whole time. 

Just as I got up, my phone beeped and my head jerked towards it. I didn't pick it up straight away, I didn't know whether I wanted to know what the text said but in the end I picked it up. 

He needs to stay in his own territory, not in mine but anyways- good morning, sunshine!


My heart beat picked up not because I felt love but because I was scared. Suddenly, I could feel thousand eyes on me, every single one of them watching me, following me. My heart beat picked up, beating faster than ever, my eyes frozen on the text on my phone screen. 

And I didn't snap out until Harry came back into my room and grabbed my shoulders. 

"Why are you still in bed? If you get late for work and get fired, don't blame me" He said as he rolled his eyes at me. I gave him a short nod as I quickly locked my phone and threw it to the side, somewhere I knew I wouldn't be able to see it. 

I didn't want it anywhere near me right now. 

"Are you okay?" Harry asked as he stared at me. I gave him another short nod before I headed towards my bathroom and locked myself in it. 

Harry didn't know about the texts, no one did. I felt like I would get him involved if I told him about it and that's not something that I want to do.


"Leemo! Looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed" Louis complained as he saw the tired look on my face. 

"Well, I don't know about waking up but I clearly went to sleep on the wrong side" I said as I placed pulled myself up on the counter and laid my head on Louis' shoulder. 

I shuffled, very aware about my phone that was in my pocket.

I couldn't help but look around. I knew that that person was right here watching me like they always did but I never was able to find RedAce, maybe I never looked hard enough but I knew that it wouldn't matter even if I did. I would never find that person. 

"Liam you need to tell us, what's happening" Louis suddenly spoke, his expression serious.

"What do you mean?" I replied, my eyes drifting away from Louis' as I tried to play it cool. I couldn't afford for Louis to find out. 

"You have been acting like a fucking scared little puppy. Don't think that we haven't noticed. Everywhere you go, you are always looking around as if you are expecting someone to pop out and murder you on the spot" Louis explained as he rolled his eyes at me. His mouth open wide as if trying to tell me "Duh"

"Lou, you are just going crazy and we are supposed to work not talk about my life" I said as I pushed past him and walk off. As soon as I was away from him, my phone beeped making me stop right in my tracks. 

How long do you think you can hide me from them, huh? One way or another, it is going to come out, Liam. Maybe, I will do the honours. 


I groaned, letting my head hit the wall. Sick and Tired, I was. It's been a month of this now and I thought I could ignore RedAce but it was impossible to. He was everywhere. 

"You seem frustrated, don't you?" A voice said. 

I pushed myself off the wall quickly and turned to the person and fuck someone should've told me that hot boys do come to this cafe. 

His skin was deliciously olive coloured, ink covering most of the visible skin. He was the same height as me, maybe a bit taller because of his quiff. He had soft looking hair, almos-

"Hello...?" The voice said again, snapping me out. 

"Oh-Shit, sorry. Did you want something?" I asked, blush covering my cheeks as I tapped my fingers against the counter, trying to get myself to be less awkward. 

"No, I am fine. I just thought you weren't" He replied, his hazel eyes twinkling as he smirked at me.

"I am fin-"

"You sure?" 

Before I could answer that question, the device in my hand vibrated and a familiar beep made its way to my ear. 

Even strangers can see how much I bother you ;)



Okay, I know it's a bit short for the first chapter but I just wanted to give you guys an idea about the story. So if you didn't get the plot, it simple- Liam's getting anonymous texts from someone and that someone called themself- RedAce.

And I know it's a bit early for this but who do you think RedAce is?


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