Lucy And the Thunder Storm

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A/N I've had this written down in my spiral for nearly a year and kept forgetting to type it up. So I'm typing it now. Enjoy :-)

In a kingdom far away - well maybe not so far away; a storm was brewing on the horizon. Fiore was a land full of magic as well as regular civilians. Thunder was rumbling in the back ground as the thoughtless population of Fiore went about their day. Oblivious to the hell on of their own would feel.
Natsu kicked the doors open to the Fairy Tail guild hall while his friend -and partner in crime- twitched her ears thinking she heard a boom of thunder in the distance. "Hey, Luce, you alright?" Natsu asked. He'd been calling her by name for awhile. Shaking her head she snapped out of the trance she was in. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thought I heard something." She said, slightly chuckling while rubbing her head. I hope it's not what I think it is. The blonde thought. They hardly ever had rain so it couldn't be that. She tried to rationalize. A tan hand waved itself in front of her face. Again she met the dark -almost black- onyx eyes of her partner. "I'm fine, really." She answered his unasked question. He looked at her doubtfully but shook it off. No point in arguing. She's too stubborn to listen. Together they walked into the guild. Both feeling unsure, but about different things.
* Later; thunder can be faintly heard*
The blonde stiffened up again. This time she's positive she heard the rumbling of thunder. Lucy turned towards her team and dismissed herself. They gave her the usual goodbye and see you tomorrow. However Natsu was unsure about how Lucy was acting. Once no one was watching, especially his target, Natsu followed the blonde to her apartment.
Lucy's P.O.V.
As I was walking back home a loud boom of thunder sounded. I jumped letting out a squeal. I could have sworn Natsu was following me but didn't care as I had bigger issues to deal with. After a couple of minutes I FINALLY made it home. Unlocking the door, I ran into my room and hid under the bed. I watched as it got darker outside as the storm came in. With every boom of thunder and flash of lightning my body curled tighter into a ball like shape. My eyes screwed themselves shut, ears clamped down by my hands, screams leaving my body while tears streamed down my face with every boom of thunder.
Rain pounded the glass harder as the storm grew heavier. Vaguely I could hear the window open and my bed creak. Just then a louder boom of thunder sounded; it sounded like a bomb going off. I screamed louder than when Kain Hikaru almost crushed me to death on tenroujima island. My body curled up even tighter. "Lucy! Where are you?!" Natsu yelled over the remnants of my scream. ", Natsu." My voice quivered as I told him my location. "Under where?!" He yelled again. "Un....der....the...bed! AIEEEEE!!" I squeaked as another lightning struck outside. Natsu shoes were in front of the bed, then his knees as he knelt down. His pink head filled my vision when I dared to open my eyes. His bangs covered his own eyes. However I could tell he was worried about me as was tightly curled into a ball, clamping my ears shut.

he window was fully closed all the way so every time thunder sounded I quivered and barely held in my scream. Tears gathering in the corner of my eyes.
A warm hand wrapped around my arm. I felt my body be dragged along the floor. Then I felt to familiar, strong arms gather underneath my body and lift me up. My eyes were clamped shut again, I didn't want to see how scary the flashes of thunder made my room look. But I didn't need them to know Natsu had lifted me up and on his lap. "Lucy you can move your hands now." His voice was the softest I had ever heard, almost like he was talking to a fragile child.
At that moment in time thunder sounded again and I screamed again. Natsu's arms tightened around me, his hands forcing my own away. They clenched Natsu's vest, the fabric crumpling beneath my grip. My head found the crook of his neck, burying my face into the skin their. Tears stained his tan skin. One of Natsu's hands petted my head slowly while the other arm cemented me to him. "It's going to be okay Lucy." Natsu whispered soothingly. I shook my head. "No, it's not Natsu. Not as long as I live here." Slowly I drifted off to sleep, Natsu patting my back was the last thing I felt.
I rolled over, my arms and legs wrapped around a warm, hard pillow. My eyes opened and came face to chest with a tanned torso. Natsu. I thought, a smile tugging at my lips as I remembered what he did for me. I leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Thank you, Natsu." I said the put my head back on his chest and closed my eyes. The last thing I heard was No problem. I felt him kiss my hair, tightening his arms around me. I slipped off into oblivion again.

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