I seriously think I'm dying.

I had an early start today; I woke up at 5am and started the house chores. I cleaned, then I cooked breakfast. After that I went upstairs and had a long bath. It felt relaxing, but I still felt tired and weak. The last time I ate was yesterday morning.

I'm really sad ok, I 'm sort of stuck at what to do with my life, on one hand, I don't want to ignore my 'friends' and Jake and drop out of school, but on the other, I really want to move on and leave all my problems behind. I know, running away from my problems is not the solution, but if I go back to that school, I will literally die.

I switched my phone on, and bang...20 texts, 30 missed calls and 10 voicemails. Half of them where from Adam, some from Blake, a couple from Trish and like two from Mia. Urgh whatever. They were all probably pissed at me, but I don't care. I deleted everything. I took my backpack and went downstairs. I'm not going to school, I'm going into town to look for a job, then I'm going to the bank to get some money to payback Mr. and Mrs. Williams, and to pay for the medical exam I had yesterday.

Over the past two years, I think I've saved about $9 000. I only had a couple more thousands to go before I could get the car and maybe an apartment of my own. I owe the Williams about $350, so I need to get a job so that I can replace the money I'm loosing. And if I get a job, I can make enough money to leave this place and look for a better life somewhere else. I feel completely abandoned and alone.

"Aqua!" someone called from a car as I was walking on the street on my way to town. I turned around and I saw Blake

"Blake? Why aren't you in school?" please leave...I don't want to get yelled. I already feel bad enough.

But of course I didn't say that part out loud.

"I came to keep you company, the others are at school" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"I said I came to keep you company, I figured that you were probably going to ditch. Get in"

I opened the car door and got in. "Who's car is this?"

"Mine, I got it for my birthday last year, cool right?"

"Yeah, it's really nice..."

"So where are we going today?" he asked

"Uhm, I guess we could go to the bank first, then the hospital..."

"Ok. What I we doing at the bank?" he asked, and I explained everything.

We got to the bank, but we had to wait outside, since it wasn't open yet. The bank only opened at 8am, and it was 7.50am. Its times like this I wish I had a credit card, but I didn't, because if I did, I wouldn't be able to save as much money. So whenever I needed to make a withdrawal, I went to the bank.

I withdrew exactly $400, and put everything in my bag. If any bastard tried robbing me, they'll regret it.


"Miss Aqua Martins, the doctor will see you now..." the receptionist at the hospital said. I tried arguing with Blake, but he insisted on coming in with me, so we went into the consultation room together.

"Good to see you Miss Martins" the doctor said.

"Right... "I wanted to get it over and done with. I didn't like hospitals, they made me feel worse.

"First, I want to know, do you have any history of any heart disease in your family?" wow I'm going to die of a heart attack.

"I wouldn't know, I don't have any relatives.." I said.

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