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mikasa: luke?

luke: hi

mikasa: were you joking or no

luke: no

mikasa: then why were you afraid to tell me ? 

luke: you told me you liked me and i was glad that you do. i'm just afraid to be in a relationship because i don't want to break hearts or be heartbroken

mikasa: you don't have to be in a relationship with me or anyone else if you aren't uncomfortable

luke: i know and that's the thing, everything is so confusing. like i want to be in a relationship and be happy and all but all i know is that something will go wrong and i'll be even sadder than before.

mikasa: you have a lot to live for, you're 18 luke and you've never dated anyone because of your fear of getting heartbroken. i'm not trying to pressure you into anything because i want you to be happy. you make me happy and now it's my time to shine. i want to make you happy, i don't like seeing you sad.

luke: you're so sweet and i don't know what i would do if you never messaged me that day. 

luke: i need to think, i'll tell you once i know what i want.

mikasa: take your time, love you (:

luke: love you too.

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