Chapter 17

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Text messages

Suga: Hello

Wendy: Hi what do you want.

Suga: On Saturday guess where I'm taking you

Wendy: uh I don't know just tell me

Suga: guessss

Wendy: Movie?

Suga: No

Wendy: Amusement park?

Suga: Nope

Wendy: Just tell me!

Suga: Fine, I'll take you to a club.

Wendy: Ooo that sounds fun.

Wendy: But we're underage? Idiot.

Suga: I can get us in, dumb dumb.

Suga: Just be ready at 7pm and wear something nice not ahjumma clothes.

Wendy: Ya shut up.

Wendy: I'm done talking to you! Bye

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