15 | A Very Un-Merry Birthday

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The brunette gazed up at the sailor who wore more leather than any other man she'd ever seen or met in her entire life. She couldn't help but smile at him, feeling truly and genuinely happy upon being in his presence.

"I didn't know you had such a soft side, Cap," the newly turned 16-year-old mused as she glanced down at the cupcake in his large hands, making it seem much smaller than it really was. Simply observing the dessert made Indiana's mouth water. "Or that you remembered today was my birthday."

For the past year, Indiana Jones and the sailor would run into each other at the most random of times. This was one of those times. They had become rather close, despite the 12-year age gap. Though Indiana didn't know too much about Captain Hook, he seemed to know everything about her. She told him about Aunt Lucy and how she wanted to discover the truth about her family. He knew everything, whereas Indiana only knew that he had an older brother named Liam, who was now among the deceased.

Nonetheless, Captain Hook could easily read Indiana Jones like a map.

Captain Hook smiled down at her, rather than smirking like he normally did. "How could I forget? Your very merry birthday is celebrated in most Kingdoms," he mused.

Letting out a snort, Indiana shook her head. Every single year on her birthday, all Kingdoms that she'd visited in the past were on high alert. This was because every year on November 4th, Indiana Jones usually pulled off some kind of great heist. When she turned 14, she beheaded a whole team of Royal Guards just because they wouldn't let her steal some bread. When she turned 15, Indiana snuck into a castle and stole Princess Eva's tiara. She ended up returning it when she realized that it just took up space in her bag, though. This year, Indiana didn't have any plans.

"Well?" he asked once Indiana took the cupcake, holding it in her hands with a look of awe in her eyes. Indiana looked up at him with her infamous look of confusion. "You're not going to make a wish?"

The girl chuckled quietly. "I'm a little old to be making birthday wishes on sweets," Indiana retorted. "Geez, how old do you think I am?"


"Point taken."

Indiana looked down at the cupcake, staring at the tiny flame that danced on top of the candle that was stuck in it. She didn't bother wondering where the sailor stole the treat. Instead, she sucked in a breath of air and shut her eyes. Thinking of a wish, Indiana gently blew out the flame.

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