Part 4 The Unexpected

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TODAY IS CRAZY AT OC RECORDS. The energy is top speed and no wonder; OC is shopping for the next male artist and once we have him locked in, there is no stopping the machine that we all play a part in operating. Based in the heart of Century City, OC is a sexy lucrative indie label. The money is fast, attractive and whether the other businesses like it or not, OC fits in perfectly. The buildings are shiny, tall, captivating and upscale. A gym membership inside this prestigious compound of upper class is over a thousand a month. The professionals in most of these buildings are young and slick with their designer clothes and fancy cars. OC found its home in Century City late 2009 and survived the slump of the industry when record companies went under because of the Internet, but not OC. OC actually came out on top and was featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine as the hottest indie label of the year for the last five years. The company is on fire. I love the people here because they all walk their talk. We have no lazy links in the chain and that is probably the secret to OC's success. I came to OC on its way up the first wave and realized very quickly that the key to success would be innovative digital marking for any act coming aboard. If they do not have a strong web presence, they do not exist.

The morning comes and goes without a word from Freddy, which is very unlikely for such a busy week ahead. At first, it was easy to hide in my office, but as my Outlook continued to stay empty from any e-mails from him, it occurred to me that something must be up. Maybe he is sulking about last night. I have never sent him away. However, the lack of communication this morning is not settling right, so I walk past his office to assess the situation.

The door is shut.

That could be a good or bad thing. I turn around and decide to just walk in. My blood pressure begins to rise and my hands start to sweat. I approach the door and see it is not completely closed, so I knock.

No response.

I push the door open gently with my finger to find it is empty. Surprisingly, Freddy is not in his office and by the looks of things, he has not been here all day. It is not like him to be a no-show. I cannot help but be a little concerned after what happened last night. I see Peggy walking down the hall and flag her down.

"Hey, Peggy, is Freddy here today?"

She looks puzzled. "No, he called in a while ago. Didn't he text you?"


Peggy shrugs her shoulders. "Said something about not feeling good this morning? Aren't you guys scouting Muno tonight?"

My stomach churns a bit. "Yes, yes, that's still on I'm sure."

"Yeah, everything is set up. Mike knows you guys are coming and what you want. Don't worry. It's all handled."

"Thanks, Peggy."

"No problem."

I head back to my office and just as I enter, my phone announces a text message from guess who:

Change in plans. Meet me at the club at 9.

My heart races and now the churning is a permanent knot in the pit of my stomach. I do not know what I expected after telling him to leave. Did I really think he was still going to take me to dinner beforehand? What is wrong with me? Why did I freak out? I cannot explain any of this and I have no idea what I'm doing. I text back:

Got it. See you there. B

I push send and immediately feel the anxiety up to my neck. I quickly turn to my computer and start clicking out of Modeus's web pages like somehow that is going to magically make this anxiety go away.

I come across the last picture of Modeus. His dark brown eyes are sensual and penetrating. "Sorry, Modeus. I tried." I give Modeus one more smile and click out. As I turn around to face my desk, a deep voice behind me catches my attention. I turn back around to a YouTube video of Modeus being interviewed somewhere on Sunset Strip. I have not seen it and I am intrigued to hear more of that deep sexy voice.

Interviewer: "So, Modeus, you seem to be quite popular with the ladies. Care to elaborate on anyone special in your life?"

Modeus: "I don't have anyone at the moment."

Interviewer: "That seems kind of hard to believe?"

Modeus: "Why is that?"

Interviewer: "Well, you seem to have your pick of the litter. Surely you must have many women."

Modeus: "I'm waiting for something special. I have big plans for the right woman."

Interviewer: "Really? You sound like a hopeless romantic."

Modeus: "I don't know about that, but I do like to take my time to get to know someone."

Interviewer: "That's not the typical behavior of a rock performer with your type of allure."

Modeus looks deep into the camera. "I'm not your typical kind of guy, that I can assure you, Brenda."

My eyes pop out of my head. "What the hell." I quickly grab the mouse and rewind the interview.

Modeus: "I'm not your typical kind of guy, that I can assure you."

My mouth is open and dry. My eyes are wide and everything around me is silent. The video ends with Modeus staring into the camera; staring into me. I know I heard him say my name. Underneath the video is one line that reads:

'Sign up to be notified of Modeus's next performance.'

I take a hard swallow, lick my lips, very quickly enter my email address for notification and push the submit link. 

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