Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: The Valentine's Day Fiasco....

Kill.Me.Now. That's what has been circulating through my head all day today, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet - today unfortunately is the 12th day of February and already girls are batting their eyelashes and guys are loosening their collars in anticipation.

Of course, the girls were excited for chocolates and sweet cards, but the guys were only looking forward to Seamus and Lee's 'annual' party they threw on the night of Valentine's. I, of course, didn't want to go and was set on not going, until Lana demanded I will and even threatened she would get so drunk that if I wasn't there, someone would take advantage of her. At first it said "That's your problem, not mine." And began walking away, but then images of Lana passed out on a couch made me groan and turn back around, changing my mind.

However, the reason I wanted to die, wasn't the party - it was Valentines. Just like when people came flocking to me when the dance was here, they came flocking back for 'love' advice and what they should write on their stupid little cards. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sweets just like the next fat girl at heart, but I'm literal 'diarrhea' when it comes to love poems.

"Eeelllliiiiizzzzaaaa!" Blake called from the bottom of the staircase leading up to my room. I'd gone up from dinner straight to bed - not wanting to hang out or be harassed, it was difficult - but I'd managed to escape without anyone noticing, everyone except Blake. "I need your help! How should I write George's lovveee letterrr?"

"HOW SHOULD I KNOW!?!" I screamed down at her angry and fed up with this, she was at least the sixth person to ask me how to write one and every anwser I'd given made them shake their heads and giggle in curiosity as to why I sucked so bad at poems.

"What's your problem?!" Blake screamed back, trudging up the stairs to see me personally. Huffing, I fell across my bed and curled up next to my cool pillows in anger and embarrassment. I was embarrassed because the poems weren't really what were making me go crazy - it was Fucking Fred.

Blake slammed open the door  and tackled me in a fit of giggles, then straddled me with a victorious grin. "So, Elizabeth - what exactly is your issue? You do realize it's the time for love, right?" Her eyes lit up teasingly as I squirmed from under her weight. "Maybe you're on your monthly, eh? Or-" She gasped and jumped off of my stomach. "Or you're pregnant.

"What?!" I yelled at her and sat up, brushing my self off. "No- I'm fifteen! I'm still a virgin, thank you very much!"

Blake grinned at poked my cheek with a snicker. "That's a good thing, nothing to be embarrassed about!" She sung and threw her self down next to me on my bed. "So, what is your issue?"

"I'm just crap at poems, Blake - I'm sorry but I can't help you." I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "I just... hate Valentine's Day."

"Careful" Lana waltzed in, hearing my exclamation, and jumped on the bed with a smirk, making my bed groan under the weight of three women. "That sounds terribly of bitterness."

"True that." Blake nodded and jumped off the bed in a huff. "Well - I guess I could always to the classic: 'Roses are red,' poem! See you guys latteerr!" She hollerd, trampling down the stairs and out of the Common Room with a 'BANG'.

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