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Pen Your Pride

Hey everyone! I know that I haven't updated in forever. And you guys have been asking me to update. I really apologize for this late update. I've been really busy with my college and work. I know that I've given this excuse many a  times, but what can I do, being a nerd is considered very good in India. Anyways, here it is.

Tamara's POV:

My manager stared at me in disbelief, too shocked by my sudden demand.

Honestly, any sane person would like to keep that much amount of money to themselves. But then, I wasn't sane. I was insane, completely crazy, head over heels for Ryder Henderson.

"But ma'am, are you sure?" My manager asked, finally snapping out of his shock.

"Yes, I want you to transfer the money to Ryder Henderson's account. I'll text you the account details in a few minutes." I told him.

I walked out of the building and towards Trevor's car. I had to get to Ryder as soon as possible.

"Where are you going?" I heard the faint voice of my manager.

"To the Cancer Hospital. Call me if something comes up." I called out to him as I got into Trevor's car.

Bringing the engine to life, I stomped my foot on the gas pedal and started towards the Hospital.

Bringing the car to a screeching halt, I got out and rushed towards the entrance.

I probably looked like I had just gone through an exorcism. The way people were staring at me, said it all. But I could really care less.

I asked my fellow nurse who was at the reception and she told me where Ryder was.

Running in those heels was becoming more frustrating by the minute and that's when I spotted Trevor and Mike sitting outside Ryder's room.

Hearing my heels click, Trevor looked up at me and a look of relief crossed his face.

He engulfed me in a warm hug as I neared him, and smoothed my rat's nest of hair.

"How's he?" I asked Trevor, my voice sounding muffled and small.

"We don't know. The final treatment will be done in a few minutes and after that..." Trevor trailed off.

"What happened?" I asked as I finally let go of Trevor.

"We were at the racetrack. Ryder had his last and final race today. The competition was wrapping up, but he suddenly collapsed to the ground. He was unconscious, so Trevor and I got him here." Mike told me.

As we were about to have some further talk, Dr Pretsel came to us.

"Tamara, it's a good thing that you're here. Have you all made any arrangements regarding the money?" She asked, concern etching her features.

"Yeah, about the money. Mike, do you know Ryder's account number?" I asked Mike.

Mike nodded a 'yes' at me and gave me Ryder's account details.

As I texted those details to my manager, a few minutes later, Ryder's bank account showed the new amount of money that had been deposited in it.

Finally, after taking care of some more formalities, the surgery began.

In the meantime, I decided to call and thank my manager.

I dialed his number and he picked up on the third ring.

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did tonight. I know that it was all very sudden but you handled it well." I told him honestly.

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