Chapter 12

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Jaxon's POV

I woke up later that morning to the chirping sounds going on outside. I had grown accustomed to living in the lower levels of the house, where we had no windows, that it felt kind of weird waking up to the bird sounds.

Surprisingly it wasn't pitch black in Erin's room. There was a faint glow coming from her dark blue curtains. Prompting myself up I look to my left, taking in the sleeping beauty laying next to me.

Shes lying flat on her stomach, arms curled around her pillow. The sheet's clinging on to her mid waist, exposing her bare back. Admiring every bit of her just as I've been doing all early morning, I trace my fingers along her soft cold skin. I just can't help myself, I can't seem to keep my hands off of her, I'm suddenly craving her skin, her touch, her. I climb over her, supporting most of my weight with my hands on either side of her. Brushing the hair strands off her back, I begin trailing soft kisses up her spine.

She starts to stir under me, pressing herself deeper into her pillows as I reach the base of her neck. Seeing her eyes open slowly, I whisper, "Hi," nuzzling a kiss behind her ear.

She smiles. "Hi," but not soon after shutting her eyes again. I don't blame her, it's not normal for her to be awake around this hour. Speaking of hour, I glanced over to Erin's clock. Its 8:06 in the morning, I got about a little over two hours of sleep. I look back at her wishing that I could stay up here and sleep the rest of the day by her side, but unfortunately I couldn't. I had to leave right now if i didn't wanna risk anyone seeing me.

Leaning back down, I whisper into her hair,  "I should probably go before your dad finds me up here." She doesn't say anything only nods her head, eyes still shut. Placing one last kiss on her shoulder, I climb off the bed quickly putting my pants on, since my shirt was torn there was no use on putting it on. I pick it up tossing it in her trash bin. I walk back over to the bed and drape the sheet higher, this way she's not so exposed.

Im closing the door as quietly as I can, when I hear a voice behind me clear their throat.

Crap! Crap! Crap!!

Fear instantly spikes all over me. How stupid was I, thinking I could get out of here without getting caught. I turn around and relief instantly washes over me when I seen Andrew standing behind me, not Mr. D'luca.

"You scared the shït out of me!" I shoved him, "What the hell are you doing up here!?"

"What am I doing up here? What the hell are you doing coming out of Miss Erin's room!" He spits back quietly.

"She came home drunk last night, so I was just checking up on her." I lied? well kind of, she really did come home drunk.

"Right.." Andrew says in disbelief. "How do you explain that then?" He points towards my shoulder.

I look down to what he's pointing at, and come across a small trail of dry blood coming from the top of my shoulder. Shit. How am I gonna explain this?

"It's nothing," i utter as I walk pass him into one the restrooms. Turning on the sink, I grab a hand towel from the counter and run it under the water. Ringing off any access water in the towel, I start to scrub the dry blood off.

Andrew follows after me standing in the doorway. "Dude, you're playing in dangerous waters, if the master finds out-"

"He won't." I cut him off. "Because you didn't see me up here. For all anyone knows, we've been downstairs this entire time.. asleep."

He nods, "I just don't want to see you get hurt, man. You're part of our little family now, we look out after each other."

"I know man, i appreciate it.. We should really head back before anyone else's find us. Do you have rounds?"

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