Chapter 10: The Stars and Moon✔️

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Walking bare-foot, letting his hand lead me deeper into this forest that is lit by the orbs following behind us, swirling around us in the celebration of two becoming fully one.

He stops in front of a teal door that is implanted into a house. It is much like the the large tree that these people live in, but more... Magyk entwined in its beautiful structure.

He opens the door, but before I can walk past him he is lifting me in his arms. His feelings of duty are bleeding into me, but I can't blame him for this, he's trying to show me that he cares, trying to make me feel special, cared for, not like two people that have only just met, that know close to nothing of the other and are meant to be enemies.

He carries me across the threshold and then continues to carry me until we are up a set of stairs and in a large room with a bed laid out across the floor.

There are a mixture of blankets and pillows lining the fluffy mattress, candles glowing, lighting up this room to me, giving off a dark seductive air.

His pride flows out of him and into me in crashing waves. He set this up for us and I can't help the little niggling of pleasure in my tether-bound mate for this effort.

He's gentle with me as he sets me on my feet. I'm much smaller than he is, I can feel how he doesn't want to hurt me, how he doesn't want to roughen me up like his past lovers.

He must think me a virgin.

I almost feel ashamed that I do not have that gift to give him. He is my other half, my tether-bound. Though I do not know much of it, I can't deny that I feel things for him, that his voice brings me to life in a certain way.

My ears know what they like, so I can trust them in this.

"Turn." I do so and I await his next move.

There are no nerves in his actions as he starts to untie the back of my dress. He's holding his breath as the material parts for him. I can feel him studying my bare back, my waist, as the dress falls down slowly to pool around my feet, completely naked underneath, but for the golden bracelets that encircle my arms like a prisoner, a small damper on this moment that I try to ignore.

I can feel the way his eyes are gliding down, his arousal clouding around me, feeding into mine.

"You are much curvier than ya seem, imp." I flinch as he suddenly touches me, his hand gliding around my hips, over my stomach, pulling me back to rest against his chest, my head not quite reaching his shoulder.

"My name is Gilryn." I'm growing tired of the way he continues to call me imp.

"With a crown of stars." He whispers into one ear, causing me to moan at the way it wraps inside, vibrating and masculine.

His lips touch my shoulder, kissing me there once before pulling away.

"What do you mean?" I ask and I hear the way his pants hit the floor with his boots, I see his shirt fling over my shoulder.

And he's back, whispering in my other ear, his hands reaching around to caress my thighs and sides. I'm losing my stance, my legs quaking at the way his touch makes me feel so complete, tingling and burning up my body until they reach the underside of my breasts that are not great in size, but not exactly what you would call small either.

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