Chapter One

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Author's note, please read:-
The first four or five chapters might not make sense to you or you might find them kinda cliché but I promise everything starts to make sense the more you read.

I woke up in the morning by my alarm, as usual, I brushed my fingers through my messy hair then got up and ran into the shower, I turned on the warm water letting it calm and relax my body knowing that I'd spend a long time in my office which will make me feel exhausted like an Eighty years old man climbing up the stairs.

I got dressed into my short black skirt with my white top and my black heels, I applied some foundation along with mascara and red lipstick, when I was done I took my purse and stepped out of my apartment making sure that I locked it on my way out.

I inserted the key in the ignition and before I knew it I was parking in front of the large building "Good morning, Celia" my friend Darya greeted me and brought coffee to my table, I'd often wonder how her parents came up with that name but she's half Persian so that makes sense.

"Hey, how are you?" I asked her smiling and thanking her for my coffee.

"I am good" she replied smiling and walking out of my office, I started looking through the papers in front of me, debating which article I should work on today.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. Holder said that there's a meeting after Ten minutes" she said as she opened my office door again.

"Okay, I'll be there" I nodded my head as she scurried off.

Ten minutes passed and I got off my seat and walked out of my office to the meeting room, Mr. Holder was sitting at the head of the table while the others were sitting on the side, Mr. Holder was a nice man, he's not the type of annoying bosses but when it comes to work he is very strict, I found my seat and looked beside me to see Zayn on my right and Darya on my left.

"You look like you've been hit by a truck" Zayn said making his billion dollars smirk appear on his handsome face, now of if Zayn wasn't my best friend, I would've considered dating him but he's more like a brother to me, I can't even imagine myself kissing him.

Ew stop thinking like that, idiot.

"Aren't you a charmer?" I kicked him slightly under the table making him wince lowly at the surprising impact, always the drama queen.

"Now, shut up we'll talk after the meeting" he said smiling.

"Okay, pretty boy" I grinned at him.

"So I told Darya to inform you all that we have a meeting, there's an important topic I need all of you to write about and I'll choose which article should be published" Mr. Holder said in a stern tone, I waited for him to keep going, curious to find out what is the next new topic, it's always something worth the drama.

"well, recently there's this guy, he's the talk of the town those past few days, he's called Harry Styles and before you start asking who he might be, he escaped Broadmoir a few days ago which is really confusing, this asylum's security system is beyond protected, one of the many reasons why the media are making a fuss over his escape" he said while pacing around showing different articles about the whole situation.

"Yeah, everyone is talking about him nonstop, I've seen it all over social media" Zayn agreed.

I saw Darya from the corner of my eye nodding her head in agreement "me too, I just don't understand why it's that strange, there are lots of other criminals that escaped prisons or asylums yet it wasn't really the talk of the town nor did it go viral and appeared on TV"

"You'll be surprised about what this guy did, what you'll find and what he did to get tossed into an asylum at such a young age" he paused for a few seconds "Also the fact that he has no pictures and his tapes were deleted is what the whole media is making a fuss about, no one knows what he looks like"

I was shocked about the fact that he escaped, how did he even run away? There's lots of security men protecting this place, and that kind of places has men standing outside every patient's room, there are nurses, doctors and a lot of other people, did no one notice him? This is almost impossible, no one can run away, the building is highly secured plus the doors are supposed to be locked, how could he have escaped? They should find him as soon as possible, this whole situation is scary and the fact that no one knows what he looks like is even scarier.

I returned back my office and opened my laptop typing his name and waiting to see what he has done, I made sure to search for an old site as maybe they'd have a picture of him, there was a magazine that wrote about him a couple of years ago, I clicked on the link and it showed the hospital he was staying in.

Hospital: Broadmoir, West London mental health.

Location: Crowthorne, Berkshire, England.

Care system: NHS Trust.

Hospital type: Psychiatric.

I kept reading about him and about the hospital, but all my thoughts about the securitization of the hospital were right, there's tight security which makes it ten times harder for anyone to think about running away.

I even looked through the hospital's history and I was even more surprised when I saw that no one has ever escaped since it was built, Maybe he had good connections and they tried their best to get him out of there? They must be really good at what they're doing, the guards didn't even notice when they were questioned later, either that or they were paid to act stupid when they testify.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing, I looked at the ID of the caller, of course, it's Zayn who else would it be? I pressed the green button waiting for him to start blubbering.

"Hey, pretty boy" I greeted him knowing that this name bothers him.

"You gotta stop calling me that, Cello" he teased back with that annoying nickname that I despise so much yet I love it cause he's the one saying it.

"Fine, why did you call me?" I asked chuckling at our previous childish behavior.

"Chill, why are you always in a hurry? It's a phone call for god's sake no need to get so worked up" he said and I can feel him rolling his eyes through the phone.

"Well some of us have work to do not everyone is as useless as you are, what do you want?" I repeated my question for the second time, enjoying how I was making fun of him.

"Useless my ass, anyways we are going to the club tonight and you're coming, don't argue with me on this"

I groaned sinking into my chair "I told you billion times that I hate going there, I hate this place with that weird smell of sweat and people grinding on each other while I am just sitting like a potato stack doing nothing"

"You could do something but you chose not to, plus you have an amazingly hot friend that you chose to friend zone, don't come crying to me when I am taken, baby"

"Oh yeah the day I'd be interested in you is the day that will most likely never come, Piss off, Malik" I know he's only messing around, we tend to do this to one another quite a lot.

"C'mon it'll be fun. I want you there, Celia" that dumbhead knows how to make me agree to things I don't want to agree on.

"Okay Zayn, I'll come just this time" I sighed feeling exhausted already.

"Okay, when you're done pouring your heart out on this article tell me and I'll pick you up" he knows me too well.

We hung up and I just looked at the clock and realized that I've been sitting here for hours just reading, I collected my papers and went out of my office heading home to get ready for a very long, exhausting, unneeded night.



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