An overwhelming warmth flushed over her as she doubled over in pain with a scream.

Immediately they were at her side as she cried out in pain and slumped to the floor.

A white flash of light pierced her vision as they sat immobile watching her recoil in agony. Quickly her father stood and dialed 911 in a panic watching his daughter cryout in pain.

Heat rushed through her as visions of her and Duncan spiraled around her.

He stood before a woman as she sliced his hand.

She knelt at his side and watched as the words to a spell were spoken.

"My heart,
my soul,
I give all to thee.
Intertwined we are eternally.
I take your hand and you take mine,
With these words I will forever bind,
Our love from now until the end,
Into your time, I will ascend."

She watched as he repeated it 3 times.
A bright light erupted from him as he growled in agony and curled up in pain.

Another wave of heat hit her as he whispered her name.


She called out to him as darkness swallowed her whole.

They began arguing around her yelling for Mimi to get water or find something for her as she slumped in her aunts arms losing consciousness.

All around her swirled and faded. Voices of paramedics that attended to her as she was checked out. She was weak and tired.

Her BP is low. One warned.

She listened in a far off distance as one questioned her father and he frantically answered inbetween sobs.

She was loaded into an ambulance then and her father sat at her side coaxing her to hold on. To wake up. Then begged her not to leave him.

Leave him.

Her mind toyed with that decision. She would be with Duncan again.

She faded in out of what was real and what was not. But her grief strickened mind could not tell the difference.

She stood off in a distance suddenly and watched as they frantically rolled her out in a gurney into the E.R.

A gentle hand landed on her shoulder.
She turned to face the stranger at her side.
Loving familiar eyes held her sad gaze.

"Mom!" she whispered.

A smile formed on her mothers lips as she pulled Tara into her arms.

She held her mother tight and whispered how much she missed her and needed her now more than ever.

"I know you do baby girl ," she rubbed Taras back.

Pulling back she looked up into her mothers eyes.
"....Take me with you..please.." she sobbed.

Her mother shook her head.

"I cant baby. It's not your time."

Tara shook her head and turned to face the myriad of nurses and then Doctors huddled over her body trying to stabalize her.

"I want to be with him. I miss him mom," her tears fell heavy as she shut them tight.

"You have to be strong honey, for him and for your baby," she lovingly held Taras cheeks in her hands.

Chaos broke out at a distance and she watched as they yelled for a crash cart. She looked away as they began CPR and used an AED on her.


Her body jumped.

Once more the nurse yelled as they watched her vitals on the monitor.

Her dad shouted and Mimi ran into his arms. They cried out as they were pulled away by another nurse.

" Clear!"

Her body jumped once more and she suddenly felt that. She looked up to her mother confused. That knowing smile held her gaze as she gently pulled away from Tara.

Another jolt passed through her right before her mother placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I will be watching over you," she whispered.

"Mom no...wait," Tara held her hand tight but couldn't hold on any longer.

Another jolt and hot heat crawled through her as she doubled over in pain.

The searing pain settled and she lay still engulfed in warm white light long enough to feel warm lips press against hers. Her eyes opened and held his smiling gaze.

"Duncan," she whispered.

Before she could say anything he whispered the last two verses of the spell near her lips:

Our love now until the end,
Into your time I will ascend.

Passionately he kissed her and caressed her.

"I love you Tara, I will be with you soon. Be strong for us and our baby." he whispered slowly fading away.

Not able to reach for him, a sob escaped her lips as she too slowly began to fade.

"She's stable," a man announced.

Slowly darkness swirled around her once more and all she could remember were the light sounds of the incessant beats to the machines and his words.

Be strong. For us and our baby.

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