Get It Done

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Khaza (POV)

We decided to let this bullshit die down and get back to business. We had sells coming in like crazy. The trap was booming and me and Rah getting ready to make a drop right now. We loaded up the Benz and got strapped up. I called up Riggs and told him we on the way and to have my money ready. I got another shipment coming in a few hours and money just coming all hours around the clock. Working day in and day out. Putting niggas in check. Just got word about some niggas in Daytown selling unauthorized work. Wondering where the fuck they getting this shit from if its not from me. Its so much I'm dealing with that I haven't had time to think about Ant. Its just a matter of time but Quint gon pay. On our way to Riggs Jada called me. She wants to go out tonight. I decided we should go out since things been crazy. She stayed through all this bullshit im starting to think she like wifey type. I have strong feelings for her that I can't shake. And the fact that we haven't had sex yet makes me value her even more. Lord knows I don't wait this long for no pussy.

Rah: Fuck you over there thinking about?

Khaza: Thinking bout Jada man. How I got her caught up in all this shit.

Rah: I told you in that club to tell her the truth.

Khaza: Its not easy. Me and Shantell kinda still had something going. It shocked me when I found out they knew each other.

Rah: Speaking of Shantell how is she doing?

Khaza: Hell if I know I haven't spoken to her. Why you wanna know anyway?
Rah: Damn man I was just asking.

Khaza: Anyway. Lets get this money.

He pulled into the back of the warehouse and there was Riggs standing there with my money. I opened the brief case to let him see his 10 kilos and he showed me $350,000 cash.

Khaza: Good doing business with you man. Tell your beautiful wife and kids I said hi.

Riggs: Sure thing. Connect with you next time man.

This money got me feeling good. We head back to the house and count up this money. Everybody about to go home extra satisfied today. I got some work being whipped up right now and I gotta get it overseas in a few days.

Rah: I think me and Vanessa getting serious.

Khaza: The fuck is Vanessa?

Rah: The nurse nigga.

Khaza: Ah shit man. Well dont make the mistake I made. Keep all this bullshit away from her.

Rah: Ha. Man that is the mistake you made. Keeping it away from Jada. Ain't no sense in lying man she smart as hell. She will find out.

Khaza: So you told her already?

Rah: Sure did and she's perfectly fine with it. And she knows to watch out for Quint.

Khaza: Fuck you.

My line buzzed and the caller ID said Beezy. I kinda been avoiding his ass. But I decided gon head get this shit past us.

Khaza: Yo?

Beezy: Man I been calling you where you been?

Khaza: Handling business dude. Wassup wit you?

Beezy: I got some work for yall niggas. Was wondering if yall wanna come thru.

Khaza: Just pass by the spot we got work to do.

Beezy: Ight bet.

Rah: Who was that?

Khaza: Crazy ass nigga Beezy. Say he got something for us.

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