Chapter 4 - a day away from the boss

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The next  morning Cameron suggested he take me out for a nice breakfast since we both did not have to work on Saturdays. So here we were at ihop just waiting on our food as struck up a conversation. 

We should make this a weekend thing.

Breakfast at ihop each morning? I asked raising an eyebrow. Are you tryna make me gain weight? I joked laughing. 

Haha no, I like your size. He said winking across the table as he took a sip of his sprite. I smiled and started to blush a little. 

Gee thanks Cameron. 

Welcome baby. He said grabbing my hand from across the table. Now I was sure I was blushing uncontrollably right now. 

Storm. I heard my name being called from the one person I had expected not to see all day. Ah great! I dreadfully looked over into the eyes of Lance Capelly. Who was with that female that was straddling him in his office that morning. Now why the f can't he take her tomorrow. 

Hi. I said quickly then realized that Cameron was still holding my hand. 

Hi. He said again then licked his lips at me.

Enjoy breakfast. I said looking away from him. It was getting awkward so I needed him to walk away now.

Why don't you two join us? I heard Cameron say as my face dropped. Damn his niceness! I was staring at Cam while he looked at Lance. 

Well.. sure thank you. Then he turned to the female. Do you mind? 

No. She answered with a smile on her face. 

I moved over expecting her to sit next to me, but Lance sat next to me instead, but not too closely. Damn it Cameron! I pulled my phone out to send him a message as another waitress came by to take their orders. 

Babe.. I don't wanna be near my boss my day off :/ 

I sent the message and waited for him to receive it as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. I narrowed my eyes at him as he gave me one of those sorry smiles and grabbed my hand across the table again.  

As Cameron did that, I felt Lance's hand grab my right thigh, I looked at him and gave him a quick glace. I saw a smile form at the corner of his mouth. That bastard. My phone buzzed in my pocket. It wasn't Cameron because his hands were grabbing my one hand. I used my left hand to pull my phone out to see I had a message from Lance. 

What's the deal with you and him? Are you dating? 

I started to text away furiously. 

Butt out of my personal life style please and why can't you take her to that stupid banquet tomorrow? 

I sent the message as a waiter came back and gave me and Cameron our food. 

Enjoy. He said.

Thanks. We both answered and grabbed our forks. 

My phone vibrated again. I was gonna answer this last message then turn my phone off. He was starting to annoy me now. But what else is new? 

I wouldn't let my mother meet someone like her. She's a major slut. 

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