6. I'm...I'm a....a

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Before I was ready to snap  him he spoke again " But before you say anything please listen to me once"

as if whatever he'll say I'll change my decision.

No I won't.

I like chris

Considering my silence as a yes he parted his lips to speak but came out nothing. I can see from the frown on his face that he was still debating should he tell me or not. This is something real big. I placed my hands on his and he look into my eyes

" You can trust me jake. Before being your girlfriend I'm your best friend remember" I assured him

He took a deep breath and after a long pause he blurted out  " I'm a gay "

I took a sip of my hot chocolate only to be thrown all over on jacob. What I heard from him left me




I stare at him in disbelief. wait what? this can't be true. Am i dreaming. Maybe i slept waiting for him.

" pinch me " and ouch he did it.

My eyes were wide in shock accepting the truth. He was looking down as if he can't face me anymore. I never ever expected this from his mouth. I thought again he'll do his drama please dont leave me and all crap

"Say something please rose " I tried to speak but words fail to form themselves.

What do people say when they hear that the person they have been dating past one year is a gay.

Learning that I wont speak he continued " Ok listen to me. I dont know what to say rose but I never wanted you to know this. I know that today what you want from me is a breakup......But after you listen to me I hope you won't "

Hell I will

" rose you know I'm doing a show. We people have to maintain a image and knowing I'm a gay might complicate things . My whole life, my whole career will be at stake. And only you can save this "

"Me? how?" I finally found my voice but it barely came as a whisper

" There's a clause in the contract that the contestants will introduce a girl in the show or will somehow use the love story for raising trps of the show " he sounded so happy at the same time and panicked

" So you can use any girl to act as your girlfriend. I'm sure girls will do anything for such fame"

this doesn't make sense at all

" I can but I can't. The producers have already seen me with you. I tried to convince them so damn much but they are not ready to listen. They want real content and  I can only trust you with this. I mean it's risky and embarrassing disclosing this secret to any girl. "

" So you proposed me knowing all this. You used me all along. Everything was a god damn lie. You love me and all that shit.What the hell were you thinking?  You knew it I dont love you still you did some emotional blackmail. You played with my feelings jacob" I yelled. With each and every word my anger was rising more

" im so so sorry rose. Please" he was sitting by my side now and held my hand. Tears were all over his face.

I jerk my hand away and went towards the railing of the balcony " dont even say sorry when you did it all on purpose...I dont have any problem you being a gay jacob but you should have atleast told me and not fooled me " I just kept on yelling

" I am really sorry rose "

" and will you please stop crying now "

I cant see him like this

" But why now all of a sudden" I wanted to know

"It's not all sudden. I've been delaying this from months. But now they've given me an ultimatum. If I dont introduce you to the producers as soon as possible." He took a pause " They'll evict me"

This show always have been his dream.

" What do you want me to do?" his eyes shine through joy. I seriously dont know what to do

" That means you are agreeing on this" he asked wiping his tears

"I'm not agreeing I'm just considering " if I deny him right now I dont doubt he won't  jump right from my balcony. I dont want to spend my life in guilt

" For now you just have to meet them.  Act as my girlfriend in front of my crew and creative producers " I can see his body relax.

" but don't they know I'm not your girlfriend "

" no they don't. They dont even know I'm gay. Please rose please say yes. Your one decision can make or break my life" he kept on pleading and now on his knees while i was standing.

" But there is something I want to tell you first " i tried to make him stand but he won't budge until i say yes.

he nodded and I continued

" I like someone " I was expecting him to get fussy about it but he was smiling

" really? " he pulled me into his arms after standing up finally

" you ok with that? " I ask confused

" why will I have any problem...just be careful with the media.....after all you'll be associate with me and I'm kind of famous you know " he smiles. I slap his shoulder. I've still not agreed to him.

" I know you've made your mind....I cant thank you enough rose for accepting this proposal " he states proudly

" how can you be so sure I'm agreeing " I raise my eyebrow

" because I know you better than anyone else " we both giggled

I know I like someone but I cant just leave him like that. I just have to pretend to be his girlfriend....big deal?

I hope it stays okay

" now comon spill the beans about this guy " and then I started of........

25th july 17

Did anybody expected that? Any thoughts on it?


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