Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Emmy had been late for first period but her teacher had not even batted an eye. All her classes blurred by with the usual schedule: notes, book quizzes, and project assignments, even when it was the first day.

She was grabbing lunch now with Beatrice after their first Spanish quiz that Emmy was sure she'd spelled punta like a common profanity word Hispanics used.

"So, Senor Davis did what?" Beatrice, Emmy's best and only friend, asked through a mouthful of food, so it sounded more like 'shaw debi di wha."

Emmy rolled her eyes, unscrewing the lid on her water bottle. "He told me sun lotion is called sunscreen." Emmy gulped a mouthful of water, sneaking a glance at Shawn who sat in the middle table of the cafeteria. It was lunch hour and Emmy had been sneaking glances at Shawn for over the last ten minutes now. He looked like a different person than the person from earlier today; he tossed his head back laughing with his friends, and it reminded Emmy of lions on the nature channel, both equally fascinating.

"You are not being so subtle." Beatrice laughed, crushing her coca cola can. "Oh here comes Kenneth." Kenneth passed by their table followed by Math Club members, they all beamed, except for Kenneth who was glaring at Emmy. The team was about to sit down, before Kenneth shook his head.

"Over there," he said stiffly, going three tables down.

"What is up with him? Looks like he has a stick up his-"

Emmy cut her off, "We got into an argument."

Beatrice gaped, "What?!"

Emmy shrugged, "We've been rocky for ages now, so I think I might break things off."

"Good," Beatrice smiled. "You deserve way better, but won't it be awkward though since you are both in that lame club?"

Emmy looked down, hoping to hide the moisture in her eyes. "He'll probably try to take me off the team."

"Oh hell no," Beatrice hissed, glaring in Kenneth's direction. "I'd kick his arse."

"Calm down B," Emmy shushed.

Beatrice narrowed her eyes, "Emmy, the Pentathalon team is your life. It means a lot to you and I will not have a moron with the social skills of a rock take that away from you."

She averted Beatrice's gaze. "I'll figure something out."

"The hell we will. Come on we are going to be late for class." Beatrice dragged Emmy, pushing Kenneth roughly aside as we passed him.

"Oops, sorry" B said, flicking a ketchup packet onto his shirt. Ken's fists rolled into fists.

His chest rose and fell with exaggerated slowness.

Emmy burst into a fit of giggles. B could sometimes be aggressive and over protective especially when it came to topics dealing with Emmy. In truth, Beatrice was the older sister Emmy had never had.

"So you think Shawn is hot?" B smirked, stopping by her locker.

"Who doesn't?" Emmy retorted, crossing her arms.

"Well he's not really my type," B teased, nudging my ribs.

Emmy snorted, "Of course he is not."

"So are you going to talk to him again?"

"B, I would need a very good excuse to speak to him again." Emmy smiled sadly. "B what are you doing?"

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