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It was the morning of Halloween when Estella and Padma were getting ready for their first trip to Hogsmeade.

"I have a feeling that Zonko's Joke Shop is going to be sold out of everything by the Weasley twins," Padma laughed.

"I'm sure all of the professors would just love that," Estella added.

The two girls started making their way out to where all of the students were gathered, waiting to be released. Along the way, Cedric walked up beside them.

"Are you two ready for your first trip to Hogsmeade?" Cedric asked.

"I'm ready to get my hands on a cauldron cake," Estella replied.

"I'm personally not ready to see all of the couples at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop," Padma answered looking over at a gryffindor couple showing their affection towards each other.

Cedric and Estella laughed. Then, everyone was released to the village. After going to the desired shops and catching up with other friends, the three started walking through the woods.

"These sugar quills are genius," Padma said looking through her sack of treats.

"I wouldn't use them in Snape's class," Cedric started, "He learned what they were years back, and whenever he catches someone with one, he assigns three times the homework."

"I'm not surprised," Estella replied.

"About the only professor you could get by with those is Professor Lupin," Cedric added.

"Probably because he used them himself when he attended Hogwarts," Padma answered.

Estella felt the cool air hit her, making her hair fly behind her back. She looked up at the crisp sun that was partially hidden by the clouds. Everything was so peaceful and mellow, and she loved it.

"How's the astronomy project going with Malfoy?" Cedric asked Estella, snapping her out of her trance.

"Good, I guess," she shrugged.

"Good?" Padma asked with confusion on her face.

"Yeah" Estella replied with an eyebrow raised.

"There's been no problems at all? No bragging? No arguments? No punching?" Padma continued.

"No, actually there hasn't been any of that," Estella replied thinking.

"So you're telling me that Draco Malfoy, the boy you hate, is being cooperative with you, Estella Raney, the girl he hates?"

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, he hasn't been rude or annoying, but he also hasn't been nice?" Estella answered awkwardly.

"He's just been....normal," Estella added.

Cedric and Padma looked at each other.

"What?" Estella asked.

Before anyone could answer, footsteps came running towards them. More than one pair of footsteps to be precise.

The three looked to the side to see Malfoy and his two pack dogs coming towards them. Just as they were passing with scared looks on their faces, Malfoy slowed down, turned back, tried to gain composure and heaved, "me-meet me in the astronomy tower tomorrow to work on the project."

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