28. Relaxing

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We steered clear of everyone and ignored the many calls from his family, although I did make a call to Megan while Jay showered.

"Hi hun, are you guys okay?" She asked nervously and I smiled as I realised how much she cared for her brother. And maybe even me.

"Yeah we're good. He's in the shower, so it's just a quick call. I just wanted to thank you."

"There's no need Mia, I'm just so glad everything's okay. You are good for him Mia, he's happy and that's something that's been missing for a long time."

"I'm happy too Megan, it's incredible just how happy he makes me."

"I know Mia, it's clear whenever I look at you both."

"When do you arrive?" I asked as I tried to steer the conversation to a close.

"We land at 10.30 tomorrow morning, so should be at the hotel by about 1.00."

"Good, I can't wait to see you. I've gotta go, Jays just got out of the shower. I'll see you tomorrow."

"You look happy." Jay commented as he walked into the room with a towel around his waist and water droplets covering his chest as they dripped from his wet hair. His eyes flicked to my mouth as I licked my bottom lip and he smiled the kind of smile that made me want to drop my panties and bend over for him. So I did.

"Fuck." He growled as he stepped in behind me and slid his rock hard cock inside in one swift movement. "Fuck you're cunt's so wet babe." He said and I smiled.

"What do you expect when you walk into a room looking like that." I moaned. His arm tightened around my waist and his fingers found my clit.

"Are you in the habit of dropping your panties when you see a man in a towel?" He growled as he slapped my asse.

"No, no, just you....only you."

His thrusts were deep and I cried out each time he hit the spot that made my whole body quiver. "Say my fucking name Mia." He groaned as he slapped me again.

"Jay." I cried out hoarsely. "Jay, Jay, Jay." I repeated.

"That's the only fucking name that will ever leave your pretty mouth." He grunted as he rubbed my clit harder and felt me tighten around him.

"Say it Mia." I called his name again as he held my hips and thrust hard and fast until my pussy clenched around him and I heard him hiss in a breath. "Now Mia." My body shook and I moaned his name as he held himself against me, my pussy milking his cock as he emptied inside me.

With one last slap to my ass, he removed himself and helped me stand. "That was fucking sexy babe, you should do that more often."


"Please?" He asked and I finally agreed. He watched as I fixed the chain around my waist then he stepped in to roll my nipples and attach the clamps. I wore the black shirt that I had worn to the airport that day, hoping it would provide enough cover. But actually, if not who fucking cares? Jay was the only one I wanted to make happy and if me not wearing a bra made him happy, then I'd do it. No big deal.

"You need to open another button Mia, the pendant is hidden."

"You don't think that's too much?"

"No babe, you're still covered, honestly. I just want to see the chains that join from the pendant to your nipples. It's fucking sexy as hell." I laughed at his excitement and undid another button.

"Better?" I asked and was rewarded with a wiggle of his eyebrows.


We were out and about searching for something to wear to the wedding.

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